Tweet View Count Will Expose Account Authenticity

Twitter will start displaying impression for each tweet which means one can see how many times a tweet has been seen by people.
Elon Musk has announced today that Twitter will now display view counts on tweets, this will allow a user to see what is the reach of other users’ content.

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Tweet view count, which is also known as impression was available to the account holders who is publishing the tweet but now others also can see the impression of each tweets.
While tweeting today, Musk said “so you can see how many times a tweet has been seen! This is normal for video.
Shows how much more alive Twitter is than it may seem, as over 90% of Twitter users read, but don’t tweet, reply or like, as those are public actions.”

How Tweet View Count Can Help ?

  • Businesses can easily find out genuine influencers in their niche, as engagement numbers don’t tell the whole story.
  • Tweet view count will also able to expose the fake and real accounts and
  • Boost Marketers to implement right strategies to generate more engagement level and identify which tweets getting more impressions despite of having low or more followers.

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The main idea behind this is to create a more interactive platform for Twitter and boost the platform engagement levels.

It will be not wrong to say, Twitter has taken long time to display Post view count when platform like Facebook and YouTube already showing views on the videos. Social Media platforms keep copying and integration features from each other and this is followed from the beginning, hence as a new user, one should not have surprise.
As per the sources, Twitter announced that view counts for tweets are now visible on iOS and Android and that they’ll be coming soon to the web. In fact I have also checked some of my tweets and I can see the view counts on my tweet :

According to a Twitter FAQ, not every tweet will have a visible view count. Community tweets, Twitter Circle tweets, and “older” tweets won’t have the data available.

This is new beginning for Twitter and we should wait how in the future, Twitter going to overcome its difficulties.

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Manoj Kumar Sethi

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