Which Place Is Best To Place Google Analytic Code ?

Google Analytic Code is the only way through which one can understand how a website is performing.It helps to understand what kind of audience, content , category is working

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best or worst for the website. What errors need to fix and if everything is getting tracked properly or not. 

Here before jumping to conclusion, do you know if Google Analytic code, provided by Google Analytic account in wrong place, can lead to zero solution and one will be losing everything. Not only this, you will never come to know what is exactly happening in your website.

Google Analytic Code is nothing but a piece of script code, which need to put in the area, suggested by Google Analytic account. Before this, one should be able to cross check if its trackable or not.

Yes its very important to learn and experiment before implementing anything. Slight change can create a difference. We simply go and follow the placing of google analytic which is provided either by :

  • Google Analytic Help
  • Forums where we shout and ask everyone and follow it.

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Many of us don't know which place is best to put generated Google Analytic code. Even if you know ..as said in above, you should be able to explain the reason for putting your Google Analytic Code.

Google Analytic code set-up process starts like this – You have set up your google analytic account and now you have filled every details for your target website. You visited the admin section and copied your generated google analytic code.

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Google provides you options how to put your Google Analytic Code snippet like below :

googleanal www.manojblogszone.comwww.manojblogszone.comHere comes important question to our head….like where , which , what and why should I put Google Analytic code and when its going to track. Well as I said here I will be explaining you which place or location is best to put your Google Analytic Code ?

Header or Footer of the website :

Check this video shared by @ +David Kutcher 


  I am sure after watching this very useful video, you now able to understand the login behind inserting Google Analytic Code in header and footer.

Script takes time, hence make sure you insert in the right place so that before your audience or users leaves your website, they are get tracked properly… otherwise its like shop with people but zero sale ūüôā

Thank you for visiting. Share me your query and if you have any such interesting topic, share down the comment.

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