Twitter Can Suspend Your Account If It Is Auto-Tweeting

Are you active on Twitter ? Is your every tweets going automatically ? Not finding time to participate with your followers ?

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If a twitter account is found to completely involve in auto-tweeting process, it will be suspended any time without any notice. Read here

Before continuing my last article “How to generate leads using Twitter” I have explained how twitter can be used to generate new users for your business with zero investment.
Continuing this, in this article I am going to share very important thing related to tweeting and its impact on twitter handle or twitter account.

As per twitter guideline  if a twitter account is found to indulge in an activity which shows it doesn’t have real-time engagement , then it will be suspended by any moment from Twitter side. This is what I am going to show you and prove you through some facts related to tweets :

Twitter is one of the powerful social site which allows you to express your feelings and information with others within 140 characters (including images, videos) which makes it very different from rest of the social sites.

Now suppose you twitter account stops sharing rather it becomes a tweeting machine which doesn’t know when to react, what to react or how to react on tweets. Hence now its automated which is lifeless. Social profiles should be reactive, responsive and receptive in nature in order to rule in social media.

Now lets see why one should stop auto-tweeting practice and should follow manual tweets

  • Auto-Tweet is like target less bullets which get fired without any target , hence what is the use of tweeting when no-one is listening your voice
  • Auto-Tweet converts you twitter handle as publisher. Social Media is 2 -way communication platform.

Check out the slide show and know why your twitter profile should completely avoid auto-tweeting. sl2 sl3







Remember : “You may not use the Twitter service for the purpose of spamming anyone” – Twitter

Hence start following twitter guidelines in order to become active and influencer.

Share your comment if you liked or not but do share it and let me know why you should not avoid auto-mated tweets

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