How To Grow Your Twitter Followers Quickly ?

Increasing Followers organically is one of the biggest challenge and need patience. Its not one day job but it can make your achievements easy in a short period of time. How to do that?

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Well, let me share you my personal study and observation how I double my twitter followers within a month.

Who doesn’t feel proud of getting huge followers! Oh.. great you have so many followers… oh my god you are such a famous are followed by so many people.. yes I am now popular ..yaaahoooo…

Wait….this excitement can be a problem to you …what the ….f…how can it be a problem to my followers list … Can we get clear on this?

Let’s begin it. I am going to tell you how getting followers can sometimes lead you to wrong results and it may badly impact your presence too.

Everyone wants to see a big list of followers in their list and want to be on the top list. To get this no. one does everything reach this big no. Now I got it.. yes its a no. game.. when we visit a profile and see big followers no. we get below impression about the profile :

    Identity about the person

  • Must be sharing useful content
  • Must be having good connection in their industry
  • Must be very popular among the people and people followed him/her every status

Well hold on.. don’t get misconception about these.. by seeing big followers you simply cannot tell that person is always sharing useful information or he/she is a popular face. There can be lots of reason behind having such followers no.

Possible Reason Behind Having Big Followers List:

  • Female Face: Female face has more advantage in getting more followers quickly compare to male profiles. There is no need to worry if you are male.
  • Continuous following others and following back.
  • Removing unfollow profiles regular
  • Connecting with known groups, participating in the discussion and hence creating a presence.
  • Sharing original status which the connected profiles see and like.
  • Engaging with others content on regular basis.

Let me share you my recent analysis I did with my twitter followers. I just kept continuous updates and maintained one to one engagement with my connected followers ( here I would say they are not my follower but they are my connected world. ) Telling followers seems like you are a king and everyone follows you 😀

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There has been 93% growth in my tweets due to which it has impacted my tweet impressions by 185% that’s amazing! Isn’t it?

Check out my followers section ..even it improved by almost double i.e. by 96% growth compare to last 28 days. This is what I always say..keep the process organic and follow the basic.

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Hope you liked this topic and have lots of doubt and questions running inside your brain. Let me know your query and feedback what you think should one buy followers or not?

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