What Is Redirect In SEO ?

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Today’s topic is all about re-direct  which is one of the important task in SEO industry and every specialist has to tackle it.

Let us first start with the definition :

Definition of  Re-direct : 

” When one url takes you to another url , its called redirection and the phenomenon is termed as re-direction”

with common example, if I say suppose you are going to visit one shop for something but unfortunately that shop has moved to new location, you will usually see a sign board saying ” We have moved to xyz location.

Which means you have to now visit the new location as the current location is not showing result 🙂

This is called re-direct.

Websites is having links and every link shows something for which it is created but in some cases it doesn’t show and redirect you to :

  • Page Now Found
  • Display ” Requested page is 301 re-direct ” and you will be landing to different result page.

Why it need to be fixed ?

Since your requested url is not showing for what it is created , hence its necessary to sort out this issue as soon as possible.

Consequences :

  • Users visiting will increases as now users is not getting what they have come for.
  • Website ranking get effected since now your page is getting more drop down from visitors which is not good from Google bot point of view.
  • ROI drops : With drop in users, your return on investment will start falling which means you are going to get less return.

How many types of Re-direct are there ?

Mainly there are 3 re-direct in website and they are :

  1. 301 Re-direct– It is to be sort out as soon as possible as the url has moved to another Permanently.  Recommended for SEO
  2. 302 Re-direct – It is a temporary issue
  3. Meta Refresh – Commonly associated with a few second  countdown  displaying a text “If you are not redirected in 5 seconds, click here.”

Hope this is helped you knowing about what is re-direct in SEO world and what is the reason and why it need to be fixed soon.

Stay in touch , in my upcoming article, I am going to elaborate this topic with technical solution. If you have any queries, do share down the comment or send to my official id : support@manojblogszone.com

Reference links : moz  – one of the best SEO website where you will get all technical solution.


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