What Is Search Engine & How It Works On Websites?

Definition : Search Engine is a software programmed program designed to crawl websites , index the crawled information into its database based on quality and uniqueness and produce results in the form of list of websites that matches your typed queries( keywords).

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Eg: Google, Yahoo, Bing

Other Name of Search Engine : Crawlers, Search Bots, Google Bots, Yahoo Bots , Bing Bots

Search Engine  Components : Search Engine is mainly divided into into mainly 4 sections and every search engine works on the basis of these sections.

The 4 sections are such as:

1. Crawling : Visiting sites via links ( we blinks) and collecting public /accessible data, information that is displayed in SERP.

2. Indexing : Comparing, measuring quality , relevancy etc

3. Storing/Saving Indexed information Into Database

4. Results : SERP (Search Engine Result Page consists of list of websites )


As a Digital Media Marketer what one should know about Search Engine ?

Digital Media Marketing is an internet work and every activity is observed and tracked by Search Engine. These activities are saved into Search Engine Database which help business indirectly.

Hence , one need to understand and follow each and every pattern how Search Engine works and how it will help their business in the internet world which is also known as searching world.

Moreover , Search Engine give values to websites of business and help them to appear against the audience they are looking for. This result is know as SERP i.e. Search Engine Result Page which consists list of millions of websites. Hence the more closer or top on search results , the more visitors you get to your websites.

Search Engine has its own set of guidelines that should be followed by every websites while focusing in creating visits or visitors to their websites. This include two jobs known as :

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1. On-Page Optimization (It includes activities carrying out on the websites such as designing, content writing, image adding, Keyword , Maintaining meta tag, meta description etc )

2. Off-Page Optimization( Activities carry out off the website but which impact website ranking in the search results i.e. in SERP. Note : With lots refinement in Google Search Engine algorithm , Off-Page Optimization has got its value reduced and almost lost.

There is buzz in the Digital World , SEO is going to dead.. well as far as I know , SEO will never going to end rather it will remain in every coming new optimized activity that Search Engine loves and like to see from the site.

For your easy  understanding , I have designed infographic image about how search engine works from the things which I used to describe. Your comments and views and what more you want to see in my blog will encourage me to put my words in my another blog.

In the next Search Engine blog, I will explain more about Search Engine and ranking factors. Keep visiting my site www.manojblogszone.com

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