How To Get Back Links ?

As already we now know Inbound links or back links are important for websites that want to move up the rankings. Inbound links, with the right link text, are essential for achieving top rankings.

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Now I am going to teach you how you can get back links for your website with White Hat SEO practices. Never ever go for Black Hat SEO practices.

Below are the practices , you should try to get back links which are as follows:

1) Directories

Directories usually provide one-way links to websites, although some require a reciprocal link. Personally, I have no time for those that require reciprocal links, because they aren’t really trying to be useful directories. Submitting to directories is time-consuming and boring, but there are a number of cheap directory submitting services that do a very good job.

 2 ) Forums

Join forums and place links to your site(s) in your signature line. Use your main search terms as the link text. Make sure that the forum is spiderable by checking the robots.txt file, and make sure that non-members don’t have session IDs in the URLs. Also make sure that links in signature lines are not hidden from spiders (view the source code to make sure that signature links are in plain HTML format and not in Javascript).


How To Get Back Links

3) Link Exchange Centers :

Find and  join some free link exchange centers like There you can find a categorized directory of websites that also want to exchange links. Be careful not to sign up with FFA (Free For All) sites because they are mostly email address gatherers and you can expect a sudden increase in email spam soon after you sign up. Also, only sign up with centers where you can approach other sites personally, and where they can approach you personally.

Need to avoid any cost : Do not join any link farms!!! Search Engines (Google in particular) disapprove them and they will penalize sites that use them.

Once a site has been penalized, it is very difficult to get the penalty lifted, so avoid all link farms.

4 ) Email Requests

(a) Search on Google for your main search terms and find the websites that are competing with you. Then find which sites link to them.Email them and ask for a link exchange.

(b) Search on Google for websites that are related to your site’s topic, but not direct competitors, and ask them for a link exchange.

5 ) Buy them

There are websites that want to sell links. Link brokers offer links for sale on behalf of other websites. Hence you can talk to the broker selling links and check if these links are good for your website or not with the support of a real-time SEO specialist.

Hope you have well understood for getting links for your website and now am sure you will value this process and practice for your website. I always keep telling my clients to keep calm as ranking is not one, two or three day work nor Google will rank your website quickly as ranking is an important , slower process for improving your website searching result, provided it goes with all parameters of SEO guidelines and done with good strategies.

Hope like always you liked this topic and will share your comments with me 😉 as it will help me produce more and more such important topics for you.

Keep visiting my site  🙂

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