What is Structured Data and Why It Is Important In SEO ?

Structured Data helps search engine better understand your webpage and know what it is about. It pass key information which directly increases traffic and CTR of your website.
Structured Data is one of the very important key opportunity for SEO to pass key information to Search Engines.

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As a SEO specialist its very important for you to make use of this concept because, organized data i.e. structured data helps quickly in getting your readers.

Understanding Structured Data from SEO : 

From SEO point of view, structured data is about implementing “markup” on website pages in order to provide detailed information about the page not only to search engine but also helps in getting closer to users while searching in search engines.

  •  Search Engine understand content/page more better way
  • Ranking of web content improves
    In alternative way, we can say, structured data increases your website CTR and traffic.

When there is discussion of Structured Data, mostly we refer to the vocabulary known as “Schema.org.” Schema.org is the most commonly used approach to structured data markup for SEO purposes.

How to implement ?
These markup can be implement to a website either syntaxes ( there are 3 syntaxes which search engines support : Microdata, JSON-LD, and Microformats )

Let me share you also how each one get implemented :

1. Schema.org vocabulary – Microdata format, or JSON-LD.
2. Microdata markup – Implemented within the main HTML of the page.
3. JSON-LD – with the use of Javascript object

Important note : markup is inserted into the head of the page which as per Search Engines and SEO community this way implementation is clean and simple from website

development point of view.

As per moz.org, below are content specific features that are part of structured data as follows :

  • Rich Search Results: This includes features such as styling, images, and other visual enhancements
  • Rich cards: A variation on rich search results, similar to rich snippets and designed for mobile users
  • Enriched search results: Includes interactive or immersive features
  • Knowledge Graph: Information about an entity such as a brand
  • Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs in your search result
  • Carousels: A collection of multiple rich results in a carousel style
  • Rich results for AMP: To have your AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) appear in carousels and with rich results, you’ll need to include structured data

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For more detailed information regarding Structured Data and best to implement, do follow below reference links :

Reference article : https://moz.com/blog/structured-data-for-seo-1
In case you would like to know more about on this topic, do let me know and I will cover in my upcoming article because I will be stretching out this topic in the next blog so that I can help you understand this more best and simple way.

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