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What is White Label SEO

What Is White Label SEO & Why Business Need It ?

White Label SEO is becoming popular and everyone wants to earn more money. But do you know there are a lot of hidden things one must know before becoming White Label SEO Reseller? Beware of bad SEO practices when it comes to SEO. There are many hidden practices that can lead your business to almost zero in just a shot. Let’s discuss the bright side of SEO i.e. White Label SEO.

SEO is the first most important step in any website growth. It is a long-term process and one needs to keep investing all current updates so that your websites keep getting a good response. SEO can be done in two ways :

  1. White Hat SEO

  2. Black Hat SEO

Can take you to high but once detected, you will be out of the Search Engine Presence.

Here we are not talking about the dark side of SEO i.e. the Black Hat SEO. We will be discussing about the brighter side ( I always support and love ) because this is what Google loves.

Let us first understand what is exactly White Label SEO and how it works, unlike other SEO.

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Let us take an example, you have an SEO firm providing SEO services to the clients and helps in generating more traffic and also you are passing your workflow to a group of companies/agencies to perform your work for your clients. Hence here we see two type of clients that are linked to your business and they are :

1. Primary clients – Providing you revenues and you directly interact

White Label SEO
Meeting With Primary Clients Image Source: Business Standard

2. Secondary clients ( more than 1 client ) –  They are a group of agencies or companies who perform your work on your behalf for your clients and get some shares. Remember this is not affiliate marketing but totally different.

They perform your work and interact with you which in return pass this workflow to your main clients, thereby sharing the revenue with this secondary clients.

White Label SEO Reseller

This secondary clients workflow is termed as SEO workflow and when the complete work is based on White SEO practices where you and your partners perform White Label SEO is termed as White Label SEO and you are known as White Label SEO Reseller.

I am sure now you have clearly understood what is the meaning of White Label SEO.

If you are being asked what is meant by White Label SEO you can also be defined it as “ White Label SEO is essentially a form of SEO where you hire an external company to deliver SEO services for your clients, hence they give a ‘White-Label’ (No Logo, but only the data concerning the job) Report. “

white label seo reseller

Why You Need White Label SEO?

  1. Increases business opportunities for both side

  2. Saves time as your work is now outsourced to White Label partners

Also, check out how this White Label SEO Reseller company is growing the success ladder and providing best SEO services to its clients.

Hope you liked this topic and must be having lots of question …isn’t it? I will come up with more subtopics on this same White Label SEO because this is very vast and you need to understand the process properly.


3 thoughts on “What Is White Label SEO & Why Business Need It ?

  • white label seo
    February 26, 2019 at 4:45 am

    Great post. Thanks for providing a detailed article. It clearly eliminated all my doubts about SEO. On the other hand, I’ll try to implement your mentioned tips and see how well it works for me.

    • Manoj Kumar Sethi
      May 1, 2019 at 3:21 pm

      Thats great ! I feel very happy to see my blog is really making impact to my friends and readers life.

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    April 19, 2019 at 11:19 am

    […] White Label SEO is essentially a form of SEO where you hire an external company to deliver SEO services for your clients, hence they give a ‘White-Label’ (No Logo, but only the data concerning the job) Report. The idea of SEO is to help businesses gain traffic on websites. Attracting one audience can find the best business at least 100 referrals which is the main idea of the tool. Digital marketing on the form of white label marketing gives an e-commerce business to outsource its SEO and enhance the appearance in the online world. […]

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