Be Careful About These 20 SEO Myths

Earlier days when the internet just started its small steps in this world, Webmaster used to carry out whole tasks related to website. Soon after with the expansion of Internet world and with the birth of Search Engine , there came Search Engine Marketing which not only increased Webmaster works but also make them to think beyond it.

Thereafter , webmaster most of the works got divided and hence some of the work went as SEO which we calls Search Engine Marketing. Now SEO has become so simple and important , that every business looking for it and without it , you cannot increase your website visibility in the search engine.

Compare to last 2-3 years , SEO works have become very limited specially Off-page optimization become almost nil and hence only On-page optimization is the part which is applicable.

This article why I am going to share is because there is very strong reason behind , most of the time , I met business people , IT people and company managers who have just included this because they felt they should grow in this, feel that Digital Marketing section is very simple and effective and anyone having creative and little experience can rock on 😀 but the fact is different.

Let me share what most people think about SEO , which I have mentioned as SEO Myths with expression so that it will make you think seriously :

  1. Anyone having internet knowledge can do SEOm5

  2. SEO is only for online selling products websites. m2

  3.  Ranking period via SEO is possible and can be predefined to the clients.m3

  4.  We can get SEO result overnight.m6

  5. The more links , a website get , the more it ranks regardless of the quality.laughing

  6. There is no harm in copying the content from one website and using it for self purpose.angry

  7. Directories article is enough for the site and no need to create unique content for the website.

  8. Website Optimization is done once in its life time and hence not required again and again .

  9. Search Engine Ranking is everything for the website.

  10. Website should not be submitted in Open Directory Project . 

  11. Search Engine don’t understand Black-hat SEO 😀 angrlady

  12. Website navigation is no useful to the website and dosen’t have any relationship with SEO ranking.

  13. When users starts knowing the website , there is no need to optimize the website to user-friendly because users themselves take care of it. 

  14. Website presentation is important so using  Flash is the best way .

  15. One don’t need to worry about the type of content and can create any type of content for the website.

  16. Keyword is not important in content because Google pick the more engaging content.

  17. Big images increases Website branding.

  18. Site loading is nothing to do with SEO ranking because users will use high band width internet connection 😀

  19. SEO Professionals are cheater :O  concern

  20. Content title length is not important. 

These are some of the very important and most of the time , people keep living with it. Its ok your business not able to carryout the complete SEO process by hiring a SEO professional but you can out-source this work to a  freelancers who will not even charge your more than the dedicate professional and also you have full control on the work.

Hope you liked this topic and am sure there are lots of more SEO Myths you know and wanted to share with me 😉

Please keep sharing your such lovely topics and I will sure keep updating it with best real time solution. Keep visiting   😉


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