Search Engine Changes We Can Expect In 2015 — And What To Do About Them

There has been lots of talks , discussion  from the search marketing world influencers on ” What is the biggest change going to happen in 2015 from Digital Marketing World ?

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John Ellis – SEO Coach & Social Business Owner

In a national conference, SEO coach and social business developer John Ellis, talked on this hot topic and discussed with the the people  and told lots of things on  internet marketing strategy.

Although there are lots of topic covered, 2015 going to see two major changes in the digital marketing world and hence every business and marketer needs to focus on this for the year 2015. Search Engine is becoming more and more sensitive since last 2-3 years and it is now moving from Object-oriented to Human-oriented i.e. Search Engine is catching more human behaviour on the kind of information they are searching and spending time on it.

These two major changes are :

  1. Rise of Human Engagement with your content 
  2. Role of Social Business i.e. Social Signals 

Rise of Social Engagement :

” Google Search Engine is moving more towards Human-oriented from Object-oriented ” Ellis predicts. Not only this , Google is going to incorporate two things in its algorithm :

  1. Personality and
  2. Expertise

Main focus should be to make the content , perform and generate engage with your right audience on various social platform.He also said it is very important to generate engaging content rather than just a simple information content. Content should be in this level , that it should able to create an engagement in the users mind , leaving them to think on the same.

Ellis during his talk shared some very important rules , that the digital marketing world should be following in the coming year :

  • You should make buzz of your published content via your social platform, rather than simply updating it on the site.
  • Your social post should be engaging type i.e. it should be kind of  question/poll/challenge that invites audience response.
  • Never go for scheduling feature while promoting in social media platform as such type of post founds failing to get audience respond even after people engage with your material.
  • It is not guaranteed that 100% of your post will generate audience visits to your website.Hence , one should always keep interacting with consistency, especially with the audience who follow your brands and content.
Role of Social Business i.e. Social Signals 

According to Ellis, role of social business which otherwise also known as “social signals” will be also the other most important factor, we are going to see in search engine changes. He also said ” “A social business is transparent and vulnerable. It puts a human face to the brand that people can form a relationship with.”

Google will notice and give high priority to such kind of content which able to get more social signals in terms of engagement. This includes the presence of social sharing plugins( FB sharing , FB likes, tweet, g+ etc)

Google search engines will work in favor of you only if your content is more reliable  and able to create personal engagement  and hence the more result , such content going to generate.

The biggest challenge for every business will be how they are : Honest and friendly towards their audience and not maintaining a business presence.

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