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This is one of the topic came to me while interacting with a person in my reddit account.. yes my reddit account and hence thought why not to share this very important topic with all of you. It was difficult for me to think as what should be the title so that my friends can easily understand it more clearly.

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Finally thought to take  the headline as ” Different Search Engine Follow Difficult Guidelines For Ranking ” . Search Engines like Google, Bing , Yahoo seems very tough to penetrate for better results for the website ranking, but overall search engines also provides general insight to the search marketer for better results but not 100%.

Search Engine Guidelines To Follow

However every search engine have their own set-of guidelines which they following while considering sites ranking results in the SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

Below is the list of Search Engine with their guidelines. These guidelines is very useful for the search marketer to rank their websites more easily.

Let us first start with Google 🙂

Google Ranking  Guidelines To Follow :

As per Google , below points are recommended to follow for better ranking in Google :

  1. Website should be design based on users interest and not search engine point of view. Similarly every web pages should be primarily made keeping users in mind and not search engine.
  2. Don’t misguide users as well as search engines. This term is known as Cloaking. This means display what you have.
  3. Site structure should be clear with proper text links format.
  4. There should be pre-pro navigation in every page so that users easily access every pages from at least text link.
  5. Your site should be clearly able to provide information about your site without making confusion.
  6. It is recommended that site  <title> elements and ALT attributes should be descriptive and
  7. Linking should be maintained in every page of the site and should not be followed blindly and make the whole content looks like spam.

Yahoo Ranking Guidelines To Follow :

Below is the list of things , search marketer need to keep in mind while targeting to rank better in Yahoo search engine. These are as follows :

  1. Inbound Link – How many links are pointing to the site but avoid link farming.
  2. Quality of the content i.e. if it is copied or not , does it matches with the topic or not, does your content have relevant keywords or not.
  3. Using Alt Text for graphics can improve content search result.
  4. Title of the page should be descriptive and should matches with the content.
  5. Yahoo search engine gives more priority to meta description because after title , “Description” is the only important factor that helps content to rank better in search results. Hence your description should be accurate and clear for the users. Users decide from title and meta description.
  6. Use “Keyword” meta tag wisely and it should matches with your content.

Bing Ranking Guidelines To Follow :

When it comes to Bing search engine , Bing engineers recommend the following things to rank better in search result:

  1. Content is King – Bing like other search engine seeks content and gives more importance. Hence your web page should have relevant , quality and clear to the point.
  2. Content should be easily navigable
  3. Bing also counts inbound linking in your site. Hence quality is the inbound linking , higher the result website will get.
  4. Bing unline others , consider social signals from a website i.e. how popular is site in social platform Hence don’t forget to make use of social media platform as slowly every search engine is considering it for better ranking results.
  5. Bing search engine provides submission option for the site. Hence it helps understanding your site in better way. Submitting site URL and sitemap will help site rank more easily.
  6. Site Loading time directly impact on ranking and not only Bing but every other search engines consider it and hence site loading should be mend properly as users come to get information.
  7. Adding Robot.txt file helps Bingbot to understand your site and know what to follow, what not to follow.
  8. Bing engineers recommend to use 301 permanent redirect when moving content permanently while in case of temporary it recommend to use 302 temporary redirect method.
  9. Do not use the rel=canonical tag in place of a proper redirect.

Hope this article gave your the kind of picture which I wanted to share with all of you. Lot of questions must be roaming in your mind after this why not I too getting lots more points about this.

At the end , I would suggest , SEO plan is one but your SEO plan should be according to the search engine your site wants to rank. Hence always learn the guidelines of the search engines.

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