What Is Google+ Collections & How To Use It For Driving Engagement ?

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Welcome back to my new article which is about Google plus collections. Google plus community rolled out this feature during May 4th 2015 for every Google plus profiles and pages. 

Before trying to find out the best result of Google plus collections, its very important to first understand its basic and they apply its implementation based on our requirements.

What is Google plus collections? ?

Google plus collections is defined as a category for your information.Its similar like how a website is having category sections and articles get added to these categories with time. Users visits these categories and click their interest to see the latest updates.

Similarly Google plus community as provided a beautiful and powerful category named as ” Google plus collections” to every profiles and pages where they can create based on their interest and align their every regular posts under it.

How it is different ? 

Earlier every posts were going as ” Public, Extended Circles, Friends ” i.e it was reaching to everyone whether they liked it or not. With collections, posts now getting into topic based and reaching to only those audience who are interest to such topics, hence posts is now :

  1. Reaching right audience
  2. Engagement turning into quality one
  3. Traffic generating is quality 100%
  4. Easy to define our posts to which category or collection it comes under.

One can visit Google+ collections and follow the popular one here https://plus.google.com/collections/featured

My collections : https://plus.google.com/+ManojKumarSethi/collections


How it helps in Driving more engagement ?

Since Google plus collections lets you and your posts to reach right and interested audience, hence its helps in generating right traffic to your website/content , you have served them via that particula collection.

This means  Engagement Boosts => Right Audience Visits => Pages/ Sessions Effects => Page Views Effects 

Check out how engagement is boosted when you create collections of your interest and starts working on it. For example , I created a collections named Golden Quotes : Here you will see each and every posts is reaching good no. of engagement without more efforts. I am able to get attentions from friends who loves my Golden Quotes collections.

Similarly I made other collections which I keep updating it and helps to get attention from my friends circle.

Follow my collections  :

  1. Search Engine Optimization 
  2. Poll
  3. Travel Zone
  4. Cool Videos
  5. Laughing Circle 
  6. Amazing World 
  7. Social Media Talks
  8. Golden Quotes
  9. Gif World

How to create Google+ collections ?

Visit here : https://plus.google.com/collections/welcome and click create collection.

Best way to create collections for your profile or page ?

List out the kind of updates you can provided or your business provides and based on this create a list of words either single word or two words eg :

If your business is into automobile industry and you are providing information about launch of new automobiles, facts of automobiles, reviews etc. then your collections should include as :

  • Aumobiles News
  • Reviews
  • Facts
  • Videos
  • Amazing Cars/Bikes
  • Tips/Tricks 
  • How To Fix
  • Events 
  • Photos 

Similarly if your business is into others, based on that category, you should defined the category list in the form of keywords and turn them into collections, Hence you have your collections ready.

Start created your owns and do share me your experience. If you are looking to help you , do send me mail support@manojblogszone.com/ manojblogzones@gmail.com.

My phone number : +91 9742236165

Thanks for visiting Manoj Blogs Zone.

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Manoj Kumar Sethi

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