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How Google+ Increases SEO Ranking ?

Every SEO and Webmaster tries out all possible efforts of the site and on the site in order to increase the ranking mark of their site. But there is some other platform which effect website ranking. Google brought out its own social networking site Google+ to make this happen.

Although Facebook is said to be the kind of social media, but in terms of SEO ranking, Google consider Google+ first.

Reason Google Considering Google+ SEO Ranking Factor:

  1. Its Google own product
  2. To increase its popularity than Facebook
  3. Everyone depends on Google for indexing. Google is very fast in indexing so any content that gets publish in Google+, also get fast indexing which is not in case of other social networking sites.
If you want to know how content appears in Google News Feed?

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How Google + Can Effect SEO Ranking ?
How GooglePlus Increases SEO Ranking

Let us first go through the inner story which says why Google+ is important for SEO ranking and based on this what activities , a digital media profession should carry out.

  1. First and most important part is Google+ is the product of Google and hence Google wants , more and more users should start using it. Although Facebook is more popular social networking site but Google+ results pays more in terms of ranking in Google Search Engine Result Page ( SERP).
  2. <No Follow> Links gets indexed by Google when such links get posted in Google+ post. If such weak no follow links are promoted below the post headline, Google crawls and take them while indexing. Hence, Google+ posting increases no-follow links ranking too. 😉
  3. Google consider Google+ post title as Anchor Text which is helpful for ranking links. Such title is natural and personally written by users while posting.
  4. Post with links promoted in Google+ gets faster indexed by Google compare to Facebook , Twitter and other social networking site. Hence make use of Google+ as much as possible.

SEO is not only about On-page Optimization & Off-page Optimization , the scenario is changing completely and hence SEO is reforming with social media platform. One cannot go alone but both has to walk together for the better digital solution.

Start learning more and more about Google+ and its various activities. As I always say learning is the best solution to over come the hurdle. Keep learning and participate in forums with your questions and get all tips and solutions.

Hope you have liked this topic of Google+ and after this , you are going to be more active on Google+ 🙂

If you wanted to see the best example Google+ influencers and know how they are doing.

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