B2B Marketers Should Not Avoid These 9 Interesting Facts

While reviewing some interesting facts about Digital Marketing, I came across some very important things especially for B2B marketer. These facts should not be ignored by B2B marketers. They are as follows :

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  • 84% of total Social Media Marketer, are using some form of Social Media out of which LinkedIn is the main one.

  • 75% of users don’t click beyond the first page of Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

  • Maximum companies drives new customers via blogging. Good blogging helps to drive quality audience.

  • 80.8% of users read email campaigns on a smartphone or tablet.

  • 64% users click the news if the headlines because of the relevancy in news headline.

  • Emails that include social sharing buttons have a 158% higher click-through rate.

  • Marketing campaigns that integrate at least 4 digital channels will have 300% better results than campaigns with only one channel.

  • For B2B marketer , Lead Generation is the first and top priority.

  • 54% of B2B marketers generate leads for social media marketing.

Source : Social Media Today

As I always says , a successful campaign depends on good strategy for which good marketer support is highly required. Never carry out any campaigns with less knowledge. Spend some good time , check what is the available sources you are surrounded with and how much time is with your campaigns.

Hope , above mentioned interesting facts will always keep guiding you. Keep sharing your interesting queries and thank you for visiting Manoj Blogs Zone 

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Manoj Kumar Sethi

Manoj Kumar Sethi has been into Digital Media industry for more than 12 years and has handled and helped clients from B2B & B2C industry.He is proficient in Digital Media skills mostly into digital product development and growth. He has also depth knowledge in Analytics. In free time, he research on new development happening in digital world.He loves blogging as it helps him to share the knowledge and solve problems.

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