10 Reason Reddit Should Be Part of Your Traffic Campaign

Reddit as defined is one of the powerful social networking , entertainment site providing space to registered members to promote their content , photos under sub-communities called sub-reddits.

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Reddit is one of  the only social networking site , where the moderator play very important role and strictly follow the guidelines and implement in their respective sub-reddits.

Like other social networking site, Reddit is also not suitable for every business and hence marketers need to understand its important and suitability for the business. As I always keep telling, being a digital marketer , one need to first figure out what is the category , what is the target and which source to target to drive the best result for the business.

If you are not aware about this , don’t skip and read this

How To Know Which Social Media Channels Is Perfect For My Business ?

Before getting into any kind of social media channel, first learn their rules  and follow-up guidelines so that it will be easier for the rest process.

Reddit can become the most beneficial traffic source , if followed its rule & regulation.

As per the earlier survey , it will be waste of time and money , if you failed to find out the best way to use such powerful social sites for your marketing.

Unlike other social networking site, Reddit provides various types of ” subreddits ” which includes

  1. News
  2. Gaming
  3. Movies
  4. Music
  5. Books
  6. Fitness
  7. Gif
  8. Food
  9. Health
  10. Photos
  11. Videos

Reddit : Next Biggest Social Media Site

Data will show you why Reddit is different from rest social sites existing today. Below information which I have shared , every stats has came from Reddit source and is till March 2013 and wikipedia , so I will request you to keep yourself updated with the new stats after going through the below one :

  • 4.4 billion: Page views per month
  • 62.3 million: Unique visitors per month (ComScore puts worldwide unique visitors at 12 million per month.)
  • 16 minutes: Average time on site per session (According to ComScore, in February, the average user spent 85 minutes on the site.)
  • 17 million: Votes cast per day
  • 206 Subreddits so far and as per the information Reddit’s name for topic-specific pages, with five or more posts or comments per day
  • 199 million: Average pageviews per employee per month
  • 165,000: Average number of visitors on Reddit at any given time during U.S. workday
  • 88 % visitors visit multiple times per day
  • 300,000 :  Number of users who have participated in RedditGift’s Secret Santa-style gift exchanges
  • 1,888: Number of postcards sent by users to the Reddit office
  • 4,000: Number of Ask Me Anything interviews in 2012 with more than 100 comments
  • 1,654: Most comments on a paid advertisement (Eyeglass company Coastal)
  • 78 % Percentage of paying Reddit gold members who could turn off ads on site, but choose not to
  • 39 minutes : Average time on site per session for reddit.tv

In less than a year , channel like Reddit has got its traffic doubled. Every credits goes to the dedicated Moderators who has maintained the platform standard.

Recently on June 23rd Reddit celebrated its 10 Years of Journey and the figure itself is a prove that why Reddit should be part of your digital marketing strategy :

From Reddit : All numbers in this post are as of June 21st, 2015



Reddit Page Views in a Month Via Google Analytic

There are hardly any social sites which has made such an improvement in traffic point of view and that also within a single month. Reddit become the social site which got that got billion page views per month. Isn’t this a proud moment for all redditors ? 🙂

If you ask me or any digital media person, which subreddit is most popular , well as per the data from sources, one of the most popular subreddits is :  IAmA which is otherwise known as ” I Am A ” where a user may post.

So what you are waiting for ? Start implementing reddit as one of your digital marketing strategy and boost your ROI 😉

Hope this has provided you good information about Reddit popularity. Don’t forget to share your comment and opinions with me and let me know if you still find any difficult when dealing with Reddit.

Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

Sources :




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