How To Start Your Digital Marketing Career ?

Digital Marketing is growing and every industry is hunting out expert from this field to grow. There is lots of opportunity in this field where you  learn more than one skills.

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Every industry is moving from traditional marketing to digital marketing, because of its adaptability and also because of its strength to reach the audience, make this profession highly demand.

Before starting Digital Marketing Career, one should ready to accept the failures because there is always change in this field and one need to keep changing the strategy by tracking the data.

It was during 2010 when Digital Marketing was hardly known or popular and mostly everyone was taking it under marketing. Now things has changed with technologies and this has given more power to Digital Marketing field to improve its implementation.

Even it was not easy for me to learn this skills, I have taken each and every task and tried to build growth by understanding the various areas of Digital Marketing. Yes Digital Marketing is not a single skill instead it is combination of different skills like SEO, SMO, SEM, Email Marketing

If you are the one who is thinking to become or would like to into this beautiful career, you should always keep in mind, the below things :

  1. Interest : Yes the first most interesting part is to start loving your work , you have decided to make it your professional career.
  2. Passion: Which is indeed require in every field
  3. Vision  : Have vision in life what you want to be in life. Are you in the right direction ? Will it help you to become what you want to be ?
  4. Be Creative  : Creativity is the soul of digital marketing.
  5. Influencer Marketing : Influencer marketing is one of the form of Paid campaign. Influencer Marketing is highly demand and if you also wants to know more about it then read What Is Influencer Marketing ?
  6. Data Analysis & Report Management : Data analysis skills is always required from the start career and it helps you to understand your growth and also allows you to represent your strategy for any campaign.
  7. Join Communities : Joining right communities and learning from it is best to grow self and easy way. Top 15 SEO Training Groups In Facebook – You Must Join !
  8. Join hangouts and webinars on Digital Marketing topics.
  9. Subscribing Digital Marketing blogs and getting updates from it. Very important
  10. If you are joining any institutes , make sure you are getting best out of it. Remember from Institutes you cannot become specialist , you can learn about it but for experience you need to start working on real time projects , should deal with issues practically meet the deadlines. which is only possible when you start working with projects. So be alert and make yourself more sound on real time solutions.Auroin
  11. Don’t be ” Over Confident ”  Never run with a mind you know every things and you can do the best from others.
  12. Technical Knowledge is what every digital marketer should always go for. It will make the technical issues more solvable and also will help you to deal the things with the support of developers and CMS teams.
  13. Start your own website : Unless you know your own pain points , you cannot deliver quality support to the work , you will be dealing. This is the reason behind my own blog blog
  14. Move out of your comfort zone
  15. Create topics based on your daily issues you have come across and you have deal it.


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Manoj Kumar Sethi

Manoj Kumar Sethi has been into Digital Media industry for more than 12 years and has handled and helped clients from B2B & B2C industry.He is proficient in Digital Media skills mostly into digital product development and growth. He has also depth knowledge in Analytics. In free time, he research on new development happening in digital world.He loves blogging as it helps him to share the knowledge and solve problems.