Best Social Media Platform For Business : Follow These Simple Guideline

Social Media platforms have become the most important platform for any business. Therefore, choosing best social media platform task is also very important. These social media platforms provide add-on value in getting the huge audience which, you are looking for. Hence it is advisable to make your business visible on these social media platforms.

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If you have read my earlier article about finding the right audience for your business, where I have share you are the tips that if followed, you will easily generate good leads.

Let me also define this: Social Media is a platform in the form of a website where users share social engaging content in the form of Photo, articles, videos with their friends and love to spends their time. Such platforms or websites are termed as the social media platform. eg. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram etc.

But why one need to waste time in choosing best social media platform instead why not create accounts and starts pushing every promotion. Hmmm.. that’s a good idea but it’s like blinding throwing arrows in dark and thinking it will hit the target. Social Media setup is free but you don’t know the value it adds to your business once you have done the right follow-up.

For this do I need social media specialist who can help me choosing best social media platform for my business?

Very right you must have such good specialist who has sound knowledge towards each social media platform not only this, he/she is able to take your business ship with a good way with good monitoring.

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I explained what is the actual meaning of Client finding or how to know your right audience. Taking same topic by including social media platform, where I will share you some useful follow-up that wil help you in choosing best social media platform.

There is two category of business with two kinds of audience.

1. B2B – Business To Business – A company interact with another company and provides every helps.

2. B2C- Business To Consumers – A company interact with users and sells products/services.

Before going for the right social media channels, one should have a clear understanding whether their business comes into B2B or However it is also necessary to understand that there are also businesses that are of both types.

Eg: Suppose I have started a pencils business and now I can sell this to both :
1.Selling To Company > I am doing B2B
2.Selling directly to common people > I am doing B2C

Hope this has helped you to understand the differences. This is a very important point to keep on the list.

Obviously, lots of question must be arising in the mind and I am sure some of them are the followings:

•Am I using the right social channel for my business purpose?
•Which social media best suited for my business?
•How my business will be benefited with the right social channel?

B2B Social Media Channels
If you are into B2B and looking for the social presence in the market than as per the digital suggestion LinkedIn is considered the most powerful and the only social media to go with.

LinkedIn is otherwise known as a professional network and 85% business found to exist in this. It is the only channels on Facebook that helps to bring businesses to the companies.

Apart from LinkedIn, Twitter is also considered to be the favorite social channel for B2B but this depends on the location i.e. U.S is said to be the only country that totally depends on Twitter and also plays a major role in B2C.

Google + is one of the social channel created by Google and is must for every business to have a G+ account in the coming time. The social channel which not only gets first indexed by Google Crawler( Search Engine Software which I have mentioned in SEO blog ) but is the one which cannot be avoided in any way.

B2C Social Media Channels

If you are thinking to sell your business via service or product directly to common users than its again very important to choose the best one.

Following social channels is considered to be B2C channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest,  Tumbler, Delicious, StumbleUpon and other top-rated bookmark sites such as Yellow Pages which plays an important role.

Therefore if we mixed all the above and put into the Social Funnel, every social media channel is very important and more important is how one is going to use it. Hence choice is yours and success are yours.

Putting end to my blog here will not be good as this is the very important part where business success and failures path starts.

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