Why To Choose Digital Media Marketing As Career ?

It was during the time of Internet, when it changed the concept of sharing information with each other. Now it was easier to get and share things more easily unlike earlier, where one has to depend on telecommunication. Before coming to the conclusion that why Digital Media can be chosen as one of career and build yourself in this profession. First of all let’s understand what does this Digital Media means to us and how it is different from rest.

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Definition of Digital Media Digital Media is defined as electronic media. Computer , Mobile , tabs etc. Definition of Digital Media Marketing : Marketing or Promoting products  via digital media to right customers or prospective clients is termed as Digital Media Marketing. This mutual exchange of data and Information includes activities such as :

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization (Facebook, Google+, Twitter , Pinterest etc)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC
  • Online Brand Building
  • Video Marketing
  • Generating Right Audience for the business or Acquiring prospective clients/audience for business
  • Web Site Analysis
  • Measuring ROI using analytic tools known as Social Media Analytic Tool, Google Analytic Tool , Digital Media Analytic Tool
  • Maintaining Image copy right issue and product quality.
  • Mobile Optimization

Every business and industries is trying to put every best effort to increase their exposure in internet world. This is the time to connect your audience on-line and gone are those days when business use to spent huge money and time for hiring person who can go and bring customers to them. I will explain you why Inbound Marketing is considered now as the only way to get your audience in my upcoming blog. But let me continue with the current topic. Views from the Digital Media Professionals : Reason Digital Media is different from other Careers and Professions:

  1. Is an online Job. Hence Internet Job
  2. You learn content writing as per the business and audience needs
  3. Carry out Website Analysis – what works and what not working.
  4. Helping Brand building
  5. Learn the skills of management.
  6. Learn Designing
  7. Implementing new ideas that can or will help your business more ahead of competitors
  8. You do competitor analysis
  9. Here Copy & Paste don’t work. You have be always unique from the rest.
  10. Create plans & strategy that includes knowledge of Excel Sheet.
  11. Its place independent.
  12. No recession as it’s an internet job. As long as internet is there, Digital Media job is there unlike other job which is totally based on projects.
  13. Anyone having internet, laptop or desktop and good English knowledge (must) can be a part of this profession.
  14. You learn how to generate lead and convert it sales for your business.
  15. Income is not fixed is totally dependent on your ideas and skills how you want to do it.

Hence lots more things which make Digital Media ahead of every other profession. Moreover it’s an online work; hence you get to know the happenings around your surrounding and across the world. In other profession, one needs to have specific qualification to qualify for it while this is not in case of Digital Media.

If you too interested to take Digital Media as your career, then below things are must to have for the start:

  • Passion
  • Dedication
  • Internet Knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Ready to take challenges and ready to accept failures.
  • Understanding the value of internet world and ready to make use of it for the business in a positive manner.

There will be lots of institution that offers courses and live projects on Digital Media but the best way to learn is put your quality time in digital media sites and learn the ABCD of it. Institutions will not give you the complete details and won’t give you that satisfaction which you thought to get before.

Hence best way to:

  • Connect with Digital Media professionals/Influencers that talk on Digital Media. Observe what they are doing
  • Google is the best source of any information. Do have list of sites that share information on Digital Media/Internet Marketing/Social Media/Website Technical  etc.
  • Connect groups and be part of discussion , ask questions
  • Build your own identity by learning each and every bits

Below are sources of sites that will help you more in understanding Digital World: www.socialmediaexaminer.com, www.searchenginejournal.com , www.moz.org ,www.webconfs.com  etc. Hope, with this topic , I did clear your doubts and queries you have on Digital Media and if it’s good decision to take as career.
Check out this Google Hangout what Digital Media Professionals across the world has to say about Digital Media Marketing

Always believe before doing anything that unless and until you have inner interests towards any work, it will not work. Whatever you choose make others to follow you. Make yourself different from others.

I am ending this topic with a Mantra:” Living a life without a Vision is Like living a Life without reason”: Digital Media World Thank you very much for spending your quality time and encouraging me to put my thoughts into words. Do share your thoughts and views which I will include in my next blog and don’t forget to visit my site: www.manojblogszone.com .

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