What is Search Engine Optimization ?

SEO otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, is a process to increase the visibility of a website in the  Search Engines likes Google, Bing, Yahoo etc via organic process.

Yes , Search Engine Optimization is a Organic Process.

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Search Engine Optimization

Why  Search Engine Optimization is important?
You have a product and you want to sell it.Now what ? you will starts looking for a place where you can promote your product and your perspective customers can easily see it. Before futher going deep into this,one should know who is their prospective customer and where they are sitting. This term is known as product strategy.

People uses search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc for searching their requirements. They are totally dependent on these search engine.
Moreover, if your product doesn’t get visible through their searching, this effects your business negatively. Therefore marketers need to keep track on searching process like what people are searching and how they can relate this to their products or website.

Every Search Engine has its own algorithm and based on it, the websites get display on it.Now the question is.. is this algorithm easy to find and break… ans is NO…no… its not possible to break the algorithm and find the process but yes like there is saying nothing is impossible… its easy to understand the algorithm and follow their guideline what to follow and what not to follow. This way you  not only win the race but also able place your product easily and successfully.


Search Engine Optimization is not a rocket science..its a slow process and requires not only patience but a great strategy to follow. This is as I said in my previous paragraph, it’s a complete organic process, hence no need to pay to anyone..simply have to follow the Search Engine guidelines(different search engine has different set of process to follow)

The main benefit one is going to get is the visibility of their product.
However, one shouldn’t forget Search Engine Optimization is a process and not a technique.

Soon in my next edition I am going to tell you about the lifecycle of SEO : Analysis > Keyword Analysis> Competitor Analysis> On-Page Optimization> Off-Optimization

I might have skipped some points while covering the context but I will try to cover all the possible to make it complete. SEO was , is and will be one my favourite point which gave me and will keep on boosting the other marketing aspects. If one has understood SEO , can beat anything.

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