HTML Tags Useful For SEO Purposes

Whenever any website gets designed or on the process of design, coder uses html tags.Out of these tags there are certain HTML tags which are search engine friendly and need to be identified. Reason is to include right keyword under these html tags so that search engine use them in ranking our websites.

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Let us know which are these HTML tags which are very useful for Search Engine Optimization

  1. Title Tags : Search engine consider title tags very important as they give more weightage to the website and hence helps in ranking in search engine.
  2. Meta Description Tags : These are description tags which helps search engine to understand what kind of website is yours and what kind of information it is providing to the audience. One should properly mentioned the primary keywords while describing about their website under this tag.
  3. Header Tags ( Hx tags ) : These are raning from <H1> most  to minimum <H6> and is very useful and important. Header tags helps in differentiating headings and subheadings of a page from rest content.
  4. Anchor Text Links ( a href tags) : Clickable text linked with a url. While providing anchor text link, its very important to choose right keyword and hyperlink it to the destination. With this, you text will be visited by Search Engine bots while indexing and with this you are able to direct user and bots to the destination. Anchor Text links also play important role in link building or providing link.
  5. Image Alt attributes ( alt. tags) : As per SEO practices, one should provide alternative texts for every images, being used in the content. The moment search engine visit your content and that time if you image doesn't get properly downloaded, it will be waste. Hence if alt. tags is provided in images such as direction to home page, or any other source with the url, one can increase link visits by the google or search engine bots.

If you have any questions related to above tags or you find anything interesting which you would like to share with all of us, you are most welcome.

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