How Content Appear In Google News ?

Google News is the place where one can see the news from the whole world with category wise. As per Google support , if the content is accessible to its users in time and it is having good engagement level , then chances is for the content to appear top.

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There is a logic working behind this Google News section i.e. content appearing in Google News depends on various factors and based on this it appear one above the other.

Google News

Apart from this follow this  Technical Guidelines . Hence if your business is into a news media and is struggling to appear top in Google News section or even not able to appear in it, than below important 5 tips will help  your news content :

1. Never refer any other sites while creating content on a topic because this way your will be unknowingly copying some portion of their content , which will impact for appearance.Hence create a habit of writing from own side. 

2. Your content should always gets updates time to time , provided the previous stories don’t get deleted. Same stories should keep continue with latest things. Here updates should happen in title, content as well as within the meta section.

3. Google only takes Meta section from a content part and only visit if there is any updates in the Meta Content. Hence even if there is updates in the content from users perspective but if there is not fresh updates in the old Meta section, Google will not pic such stories.

3. Articles/content  getting  more social signals( via social sharing plugins) will appear easily in Google News section as Google gives high priority to such content. 

4. Every web content should end up with a question to a users asking whats their view on this topic. This lets the readers to comment  and hence content updated with fresh engagement , this will make Google to visit the content once more which means its a good content and hence must appear in Google News section.

4. Your Article headline should also consist the main keyword on which it is written. 

5. Google also check the bounce rate of the web content before deciding to put it on top of Google News. Make sure your web-content don’t get heavy with SEO un-friendly stuffs or plugins which making it more heavy. 

6. As per the guideline it is also observed , content getting more clicks is also get good chances to appear in Google News.

These are very important sections which must be followed by every content writer before  allowing it to get publish.

Before ending this topic ,  Manoj Blogs Zone   would like to know from all readers :

Traffic getting from Google News section is said to be ?

Organic Traffic  or   Direct Traffic

Your answer will help me to elaborate in mine upcoming blog. Thanks for visiting and hope you liked this important topic. 🙂

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