Top 10 websites That Pays $350 to $1000 Per Each Article !

There are millions of websites which pays for writing blogs on different topics. These 10 popular websites are paying $350 to $1000 for an article. If you have writing skills even freshers, you can register and start earning

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If you too have content writing skills and looking to start your own freelancing work, especially in writing blogs, then below listed 10 website will helping you to serve your purpose.

Top 10 websites That Pays $350 to $1000 Per Each Article !

  1. Content Lab : This writing platform offers up to $500 each blog. Their specialty is no-nonsense technical content marketing that’s purpose-built to attract, educate, and engage your audience. This platform is dedicated to creates content that tech audiences actually like to read.
    You can create your account and start your content work here :
  2. Content Turbine : This writing site offers up to $150 to $200 every blog. They are passionate team of individuals with a good blend of technical skills, storytelling talent, and technology knowledge. You can start your account here
  3. Draft Dev : One well-known platform for writers that pays $780 every article. This platform is generating technical marketing contents for software startups. They create blog posts and tutorials designed to reach software engineers. You can join this platform and start writing content here :
  4. Digital Ocean : This is yet another good writing platform which can offers to the writers upto $400 per blog. They have section called donation which allows writers to share knowledge and get paid, while supporting tech-focused nonprofits and charities. You can start your account setup by visit here :
  5. Neptune : This writing platform can offers you up to $300 to $600 for each blog. Interest part in this platform is even if you don’t posses tech writing skill also, team will make you comfortable. They have clearly mentioned which says :                                                   “Don’t worry if you’re not a pro at writing. We’ll connect you with an editor, an SEO advisor, and a designer if needed. The primary goal for us is to let ML folks share their knowledge with other ML folks.”
  6. Airbyte : This blogging platform is said to be offering $900 for an article of about 1500 words. This platform is looking for Data engineers to share knowledge through blog articles. One important point to note here is here joined member can only write blog in English language. You can read their membership details here
  7. CircleCi : CircleCi will pay you up to $600 per accepted post. They have set one condition for ever joining member which says : ” To write successful content for CircleCI’s blog, you’ll need to be a person who likes to dig deep, predict reader questions and provide the answers, and be good at explaining not just how to do something, but why you recommend doing it that way. ” You can register here
  8. SignozHQ : Here, one can get paid  $150 or INR 11,000 per published article. Your article must be somewhere between 1000-1500 words. Do I need special skill ? Well as per the portal anyone can join here and start earning by writing. So why waiting join here
  9. CivoCloud : This blogging platform will pay you $500 for each post published. The process of writing blog is very simple. The joined member need to fix a technical problem, explore new tools,or write a guide for beginners. The choice is yours. You can also read their writing guidance here  So why waiting give a try to your writing and join here
  10. Hasura : This is also technical writing platform and it encourages its joined member to support the Hasura GraphQL Engine or GraphQL in general by writing technical content, and get paid for doing so. This company will pay you $300 for each post published.. Anyone who can take this challenge and start contributing can start earning from the platform. Join here

If you know any other websites that pays good amount for writing technical blogs, do share in the comment or mail to me. In next blog, I will try to carry more interesting topic.

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Manoj Kumar Sethi

Manoj Kumar Sethi has been into Digital Media industry for more than 12 years and has handled and helped clients from B2B & B2C industry.He is proficient in Digital Media skills mostly into digital product development and growth. He has also depth knowledge in Analytics. In free time, he research on new development happening in digital world.He loves blogging as it helps him to share the knowledge and solve problems.