How Can One Reach To Top Level In Digital Media Marketing Field ?

The Digital Media industry is not single but it is a combination of different areas which altogether makes the Digital Media industry. Therefore there is no single role in this field and many roles as per the department.

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In this blog, I will share some very important information on why you should keep switching to different roles and try to reach the top level position.

I have divided this into two parts : 1) Experience and 2) Fresher 

Before sharing how you can switch to other roles in the Digital Media department, let me share with what are various department one should know :

List of Role in Digital Media Department : 

  1. Content Writer
  2. Designer
  3. SEO Specialist
  4. Social Media Specialist
  5. Content Strategist
  6. Analytics Specialist
  7. Brand Strategist
  8. Lead Generation
  9. Video Specialist
  10. Webmaster
  11. Digital Media Manager

Above mentioned roles play an important role for the Digital Media department and one can start a career from executive and reach to top level Managerial level with the time and promotion.

Let me detail down all the above mentioned roles bit by bit so that you can understand very easily.

As I have mentioned above, I will share this for two different type of profile : Experience & Fresher 

This is for Experience who have just started their career in Digital Media Marketing from the below role and looking to move to higher position : 

  1. Content Writer : As you know Digital Media platform is all about content and content is king. If you have talent and can write a super story that will stick with your readers, then welcome to content writing. There are positions starting from freelancers and regular content writers positions in the market. Whichever you find best suitable to your career, you can take it up.
    Writing must not go with simple writing but parallel you must also add SEO content writing skills and this will make your writing profile stand unique and perfect than others. So start learning and adding SEO writing skills to your content. 

If you wanted to be content writer, then you should learn to write content on different :
 1. Categories
2. Unique, high-quality, interesting and relevant content relevant to the requirement

Books For Improving your content writing skills :

    2. Designer : There are designers in marketing but if you know the requirement from a Digital Media perspective, it will make the designer profile more demanding in the Digital Media industry. Companies always prefer to hire designers who know the digital platform demands and understand what design is trending on the digital platform.

   3. SEO Specialist :  SEO i.e Search Engine Optimisation Specialist , are the one who also called Website doctors. It’s a very responsible and highly demanded job in the market. Companies are always looking to grow on the digital platform but they need better clarity which product will help , here comes the SEO role who can share the best inputs and give strong guidelines on how to grow the website, apps by reaching the right audience. 

SEO specialists must possess little technical understanding about the website and if they don’t know , nothing to worry, there are enough examples in the market who are leading the industry with their SEO skills. You must have that passion to drive any website and able to make it reach right audience Organically ( naturally – I will explain more on Organic SEO in my upcoming blog )
There are different name for SEO  Specialist like below :
1. Website specialist
2. Internet Specialist
3. SEO executive – Career starting role , one can take up if looking to build career in website management
4. SEO Team Lead – when you have good skills to handle website by own and can handle a team and solve their SEO queries
5. SEO Manager – Who can lead entire SEO department for the company and instruct SEO leads on different projects
6. Webmaster : Since SEO knows how to handle website ranking, improving traffics from different sources and tackle Search Engine technical guideline, they are sometime also called Webmaster – You can also reach to this level, provided you have good years of experience in managing website

    4. Social Media Specialist :  They are known to be very creative and fun guys. Their role is to keep the social accounts of the company always updated and react to the connected followers.
Social Media is also a very demanding job and also it is a courageous job as one needs to be very alert about what is responding or what is posting on behalf of the company and should avoid personal reactions. Single wrong word mistake , and your job is gone like hell, so only those should take this career , if knows language and understand social media platform functions

Currently there is high demand for Language based Social Media profiles , so it’s a good opportunity if you have good command of your language and know how to create and post on social media accounts.
Apart from this, what makes a social media profile best among rest is “Creativity” i.e. he/she should know how to design new creative posts that will make connected followers react.

   5. Content Strategist :  If you have a good sense of content for different users, products and know what content can help to meet the requirement, then this role is suitable to you.
A Content Strategist has the responsibility to plan, develop and manage the content strategy for digital platforms. 

Content Strategist Skills :
1. Content Writing
2. Audience Understanding and research
3. Content Planning
4. Content Calendar
5. Social Media Promotion
6. Knows how to improve content mileage
7. Story Telling
8. Little SEO understanding i.e. Headline, Body text, Image format and Keywords knowledge that will help content to reach right audience and bring more sales
9. Data Analysis

      6. Analytics Specialist : This role is for those who love to play with Data and can help the team with their graphical presentation. If you know how to drive correct data and help the team understand , then the Analytics Specialist role is perfectly suitable to you.
Every company needs Analytics who can help them get the data reports and based on this they can make the right decision for their business and also it helps them to know if their strategy is working or not.
A good analyst always keeps himself/herself updated with the latest analytics skills. 

     7. Brand Strategist :  Although every different profile, I have listed above, works to improve company brand on digital platform but not 100% hence there is need for a Brand Strategist who can help company grow on digital platform and people start recognising the company name and its products.
Brand Strategist has that skill and helps create a good image among the audience. You have a business but people don’t know you and your services, this is where Brand Strategist helps your brand. 

    8. Lead Generation : Companies cannot run if they don’t get work i.e. new clients who give the requirement. Hence to make this happen, lead generation specialist is required and can also be called Pre-sales specialist who generates opportunities for new clients for the company.
There are companies who don’t need lead generation and directly rely on sales team for the new business

   9. Video Specialist : Well, I don’t think I need to explain the importance, skills for a Video Specialist job. Current demand is Video first, users want to see more video content and hence companies want to utilise Video as one of the important sources to connect with their audience.
If you are one of the people who capture, record video, edit and upload on social media platforms, then you can take up this role.
Video Specialist Skills  :
1. Content Ideas
2. Topics which drive best engagement for videos
3. Video monetisation platforms understanding is also must for Video Specialist
4. Video technical skills like editing, mixing and producing professional video 

  10. Digital Media Manager : This is the top level position in the Digital Media department and it leads entire other sub departments. He decides everything and controls the entire plan. 

He is responsible for entire digital growth, strategy implementation and revenue growth for any company.
To reach this position, one must have achieved 10 Years of experience in the Digital Industry where he has well handled all departments.

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Freshers :
If you are not aware of the Digital Media industry but somewhere heard or watched the success story and got excited to try this career, no problem, you can take up any role mentioned above and give yourself a try and see if it matches your skills.

Also you can learn the skills without joining any Digital Media Agency 

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Hope I have able to solve your query and my sharing has helped you in better understanding about profession. Also hope this will sure help you improve your career. 

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Manoj Kumar Sethi

Manoj Kumar Sethi has been into Digital Media industry for more than 12 years and has handled and helped clients from B2B & B2C industry.He is proficient in Digital Media skills mostly into digital product development and growth. He has also depth knowledge in Analytics. In free time, he research on new development happening in digital world.He loves blogging as it helps him to share the knowledge and solve problems.