How To Learn Digital Marketing Without Joining Any Academy ?

Learning Digital Marketing is not easy but you can make it is easy but how ? Yes it is possible to make you digital marketing knowledge more sharper in two best ways and what are these two. Well let me take you point by point and help you understand it more easier way.

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Believe me going through these articles will create a confident within yourself to become a professional digital marketing professional and also help you prepare to face the next big thing i.e. implementation.

Now still I haven’t come to the main point whether one can learn digital marketing skills without joining any academy or not .. well truly yes and I mean it.

These days joining a digital marketing academy is not easy because of below reasons :

  1. Digital Marketing Program is costly – at-least you need to invest Rs. 50K ( without GST )
  2. Most Academy cannot afford to hire experienced Digital Marketing Specialist, hence they end up hiring trainers who comes with weak work knowledge.
  3. Consulting Issue – Most cases what I have experience is the person who will be encouraging you to join their academy, either have zero knowledge on Digital Marketing or common concepts and hence they divert the students from the very first phase which later become very confusion for students.
  4. Fake 100% Job Guarantee Assistance – Never ever get into this belief that your academy will feed you till the time you get job.
  5. Over Confidence : Most cases , students entering, Digital Marketing Academy start getting a over confident that now they are the specialist and can tackle digital marketing demands with their earned certification.

However there is another way to make yourself prepare for any digital marketing job is to learn by yourself but how it is possible without any idea where to start from ?

There are many sources that helps you understand and able to make you almost same with the candidates coming out of Digital Marketing Academy and these sources are :

  • Joining Hangouts that talks about digital marketing topics eg. SEO, Content ideas, social media changes .

John Mueller Google Hangout – You must join this very useful hangout. It not only boost your confidence but also allows you to be part of discussion and get new ideas

Neil Patel

One of the best digital marketing expert who can provide you in-depth knowledge about increasing website traffic in simple tips.

Social Media Examiner Talk 

  • Joining Forums/Communities/Groups : Find out groups where you can see people talking on different topics. Involve with the members and ask questions.
  • Reading Books from known authors
  • Attending sessions – This is great opportunity to meet influencers and see their work LIVE demonstration. Also it allows you to meet new people and come to know their work and how they are implementing new ideas.
  • Own a website and start working step by step
  • Attending interviews : Yes, attending interviews not only helps you know what is the current demand but also it helps you to improve your knowledge and prepare you strong.

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Manoj Kumar Sethi

Manoj Kumar Sethi is a professional Digital Marketing Growth expert with 8 Years experience in B2B & B2C. He has strong work experience in developing B2B products, develop marketing strategies and have helped clients developed social media analytics and big data analytics product for IT companies. He loves blogging as it helps him to share the knowledge and solve arising issue.

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