3 Best Ways To Increase Social Followers ?

Social Media Platform like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter , Pinterest, Instagram etc provides powerful social platform to reach our audience and helps business to sell their product and services. Moreover , these platform act as the media to connect with the audience and helps in understanding their requirements.

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When it comes to increase social followers which is also called Likes, Followers , it becomes very important to think and follow right path to generate right audience and connect with them in right way.During all my works with clients and teams on various social platform as well as in website optimization, I felt , there are lots of possibilities which can be use to increase social followers for the brand/company.

Many people in my circle too asked me this important question saying ” Manoj …. How our account/page likes/followers can be increase by xyz by end of this month 😀 … well I will be than looking at his/her face for a moment and smile and than will say … first lets understand what is our brand is about, how popular it is .. are we able to give away something to our audience in return .. etc 🙂

Well same thing must be running in yours mind too when it comes to improve social follower for your company social account. Believe me there is no fixed solution for this…. confused ??? right ? well don’t get panic or confuse because this is Manoj Blogs Zone and you don’t need to worry , as I will share your the real time solution on this…

Now a big question comes to mind , what is the need to have social followers ?

As I earlier also explain, social media is basically to :

  1. Build brand ambassadors
  2. Drive traffic and
  3. Convert sales

Social Followers becomes your brand ambassadors and hence able to drive more new people to the site which means more sales. Hence social followers is very important to have.

Remember , this topic is not like other , this is very important part of your business social growth and hence every steps matter. I have categorized all steps for generating social followers  into three ways and they are :

  1. Website Source
  2. Social Source – Fan page activities, group engagement and likes/followers exchange
  3. Running campaigns

How Website Is Useful for Increasing Social Followers ?

We all know website is the main source of revenue and revenue further depends on the performance of the site which is measured in terms of Ads , traffic , affiliate marketing. Hence the more traffic , we can able to generate for the site, more is the revenue. Now this traffic can be converted to social followers for our respective social accounts.

Following things can be implemented or followed in web to drive or generate social followers :

  1. Implementing Social Follow Button in the website – Social Follow Buttons lets readers/users to click and become followers. They just have to choose the follow button and become your fans.


    Header Social Butto






2. Implementing Social Follow Button in the right-include of the web content. While choosing the position , it should be properly checked , it doesn’t lie in the very down..www.manojblogszone.com

3.Using Follow Plugins – Follow Plugin lets you easily embed and promote your social pages on your website. Hence users coming to the site can easily become your social followers.

There are such many more social buttons for every social networking sites such as twitter , google plus , facebook. One need to check the size and width as per the requirement.



Increasing Social Followers via Social Media 

When it comes to social media platform for increasing social followers, there are tough situation and very different from the above mentioned Web. Social Media is all about connecting people with emotions ,and go with your feelings. Hence driving audience  for business purpose is;

  1. Very difficult and not easy task.
  2. Takes time
  3. Need to understand their online presence
  4. What kind of content they would like to engage with and how your business can relate it easily

There are some basic process for increasing social followers from social media which I have mentioned below such as :

  1. Setting up Company Page in all targeted social channels. Before going for setting up your business social page, carry out research which kind of business you are into. I have listed out some parameters which will make your work easy read this and follow it How To Know Which Social Media Channels Is Perfect For My Business?
  2. Inviting Friends
  3. Group Promotion
  4. Running campaigns
  5. Keeping page updated with engaging content , which will helps in increasing people talking about.
  6. Embedding best post in the web and driving traffic to the page is very intelligent way and hence need a perfect digital media marketing person support.
  7. Contents Running
  8. Praising fans/readers connected with you on social media. Praising and mentioning them with ‘ Thank You ‘ will help in maintaining and strengthening bonds with each other.

Regarding Campaigns  and how it can drive more social traffic is very interesting and I feel including here will not be good enough, so do keep an eye on the upcoming blog where I will mention about campaigns and how to make it successful on social media.

Thanks for visiting the blog , do keep sharing your pain point and I will cover it in my blog.



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Manoj Kumar Sethi

Manoj Kumar Sethi has been into Digital Media industry for more than 12 years and has handled and helped clients from B2B & B2C industry.He is proficient in Digital Media skills mostly into digital product development and growth. He has also depth knowledge in Analytics. In free time, he research on new development happening in digital world.He loves blogging as it helps him to share the knowledge and solve problems.