Who Makes More Money In SEO ?

This is really interesting survey carried out by BrightLocal named as Fourth Local SEO Survey where it is highlighted " who is gaining more who is gaining less when its SEO department. Isn't interesting thing ?

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As per SearchEngineLand updates which says : "From the 1,972 respondents, there was a largely positive outlook, with 78 percent of SEOs believing that 2016 was going to be a great year for business. However, with respondents coming from many different types AND sizes of businesses/agencies, it’s difficult for SEOs to get a clear benchmark vs. similar businesses. "

Here down the line, I have included list of charts that highlights in which agencies SEO does well and which one should you start targeting more :

Chart 1 :



Image credit : BrightLocal

What is the output of this above report ?

  • As per above data insight , it clearly shows In-House SEOs report the highest company revenue. Hence the agencies operating on large scale , the more money its making and vice-versa.
  • When we comes from In-House SEOs to freelance SEOs , we can see there is a big revenue jump from Freelance to Agency.This raise one important question that does it mean freelance SEOs should get converted into agency ? Will this conversion bring more revenue into the pocket ? Question is yes.

Reason : Trust level increases with clients when it changes from free individual to agency/company.

Interesting Fact : As per October 2015 survey it is found  43% of SEOs planned to start their own agency  in one day.

Chart 2: No. of Clients Handling



Image Credit : BrightLocal

The above charts clearly proves No. of clients handle too differ when it is ranging from agencies to freelance.

Yes size matters and I don't think I have to explain more on this here.Although Freelancers have freedom and flexibility when it comes to working, but clients always look for safety side as their business is important to them. This is the main reason when no. of projects handling varies from organization to freelancer.

How to over come this ?

Well when it is the case of freelancer , one need to hard work in getting confidence from clients and go for every hard things to win because not only this is for their self-growth but also it is connected to their future growth. Freelancers always look to grow more and more.

When coming to agencies, organization this become different. Organization itself has its own name and recognition in the market and clients find easy to work with.

Chart 3: Pre-Tax Personal Annual Earnings



When we try to see the first 2 charts it clearly shows bigger organization, company handle more no. of projects compare to the small agencies, freelancers. Hence the profit varies directly :

More projects > More revenue > More Growth

Chart 4: How much does an average customer pay you each month ?




This is really very interesting section. Here is what the actual game starts. When you start working more projects ,

of-course, earning will be more but how to make the clients to pay you more fees per month or how you can make your client to increase the monthly fees ?

This is the main follow-up for earning more from your client 

  • If you are from big organization, company , handling clients projects , then there is more chance to demand the clients to pay you more. Clients are bound to pay you more and this is how a company grow fast compare to the freelancers, small agencies.
  • When it comes to freelancing , clients don't pay more rather this source gets the lowest monthly fees.


Analysis of above says when a organization starts earning more from the clients monthly, it also helps in the growth of their employees. This means employees growth too become more than freelancing section.

Let me finish this article by asking you question :

Do you think than freelance should turn their working environment into company ? 

Hope you like reading this analysis article. Let me know what you think on this and how much do you agree on this analysis ?

If you are a freelancer then it will be great experience for me to understand your working culture more and more. Don't forget to share your experience with me.


Source / Reference Link : http://searchengineland.com/seos-larger-agencies-earn-smaller-agencies-241907

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