Website SEO Audit Checklist : The Only Way To Optimize A Website

Website seo audit checklist is an important process that must be carried out in order to check how much a website is search engine friendly.

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This is the most important part for any website. To keep a website fit and fine, webmaster make sure every latest update get implemented on the website. 

Search engine keeps changing and bringing changes in its ranking factors and algorithm and hence to keep a website always ready for these changes and get search engine attention always, webmaster perform seo auditing and hence prepare website seo auditing checklist.

In the next slots I will be taking you to very simple sections one after another where you will understand how you too can implement your website SEO Auditing process and improve site health with minimum investment.

Remember “a site Audit isn’t supposed to be an advanced course in SEO.  It’s to point out problems and recommend methods of solution.”

First let us start with the definition i.e. understand the term :

What is SEO Audit Checklist ?

SEO Audit is a process that only webmaster or website owners carryout to check how strong or friendly, a website is from search engine point of view. This is called SEO Audit Checklist

In simple term we can say its a routine checkup of your website against the search engines.

Is it highly required to perform ?

This process helps one to better understand website friendliness for search engine. This intern improves website visibility in search engines and hence increases website traffics with the pass of time. Hence it is very mandatory to perform SEO Audit on every website, you handle.

Your website is having well designed, content and other media but what if your website is not getting indexed and getting visibility in search engine, hence it become mandatory to carryout website auditing report.

How many times one should perform website seo auditing ?

As I have mentioned in my above points, there is no define how much time auditing process takes place because you need to first get the check list ready and make sure your carryout all parameters checked.

It is recommended to perform website seo auditing yearly twice or sometimes whenever you feel there is an updates notification. 

How much time does SEO Audit takes to complete ?

It is process that takes lots of parameters which I have shared in the next point. Some times it may take one day while sometimes it may take more two days but it totally depends on your knowledge, your understanding the main areas that you feel should be checked time to time and enough to improve.

SEO Moz’s Lindsay Wassell mentioned on the SEO Moz blog that her SEO Audits typically take around 50 hours to complete.”

But I prefer, you to check out all possible corners of this process so that your website gets perfect checkup.

Remember now a days many Digital Marketing Agency promise you providing detailed and informative SEO Audit report of your website in few dollars and it is totally upto you how you are going to say “Yes” and if the report is genuine and have valid points to prove it.

Every Site Is Unique So Every Audit Needs To Be Unique

Can I perform my website SEO Audit by self ?

Absolutely you can perform by your own with simple research and study what others are doing and also you can visit my most following blogs like : Moz, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Avinash Kaushik, ShoutMeLoud and Neil Patel.

Apart from this, you should connect with your nearest or connected bloggers who have good knowledge about SEO Auditing. This will help you to know the practices with real time experience.

What I can achieve with my SEO Auditing process ?

With this, one able to identifies website  :

  1. Strengths
  2. Weaknesses, and
  3. Opportunities

Is it possible to classified website seo auditing process ?

Yes it is possible to classified whole process into two section similarly to SEO, which I called it On & Off part. 

Check out list of important articles on SEO  and if you wants to improve your SEO concept read this useful topic : Online SEO Dictionary

Let me differentiate very simple way. 

  1. Technical SEO Auditing – That requires technical assistance and implementation 
  2. Non- Technical SEO Auditing – That don’t requires technical assistant such as Social Media, Content, Image and Keywords etc. 

What Parameters should be checked during Website SEO Auditing ?

There are lots of areas one can perform this process but it takes time as each section has its own established process. This is very important that every website owner has to understand what to execute and what not to execute. Let me share you the most advisable SEO Audit Checklist that one can follow up for performing on their respective websites one by one.

  • Site/Page Speed
  • Site Desktop/Mobile Friendliness
  • Keywords Ranking
  • SEO Scores
  • Back Link analysis whether links your website have generated are real or no use. 

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  • Ads/banner ads 
  • Page title 
  • Meta Description check – This is the important section that helps search engine to understand clearly about the topic but also it clearly tells user what exactly the page is about.
  • Website Canonical issue : When more than one link url pointing to same webpage, this is called Canonical error. 
  • Image & Video Optimization is very important as it eat ups your website loading time and it indirectly increases your website bounce-rate.
  • Alt Text – This is somewhere you need to cross check and fix it.
  • Social Media Presentation

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What can I expect from a website seo audit report ?

As per the various case study and reports, website seo audit report brings out main 3 results that are as below :

  1. What is the current status of your website 
  2. Reason that point out for the website current status.
  3. We come to know sources and opportunities for improving website ranking

Sharing some important reference links that will help you more detail understanding on anatomy on SEO Audit 

Reference articles :

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