Increase Website Ranking With DMOZ Listing

Continuing my earlier topic “ Back Linking” and ” Ranking Factor ” Let me introduce the most important and valuable linking and this is called ” DMOZ Listing

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What is a Dmoz  and What is meant by DMOZ Listing ?

DMOZ(  is world’s largest , free and open directory site on Internet. It is known as Open Directory Project. Submitting site in DMOZ , under right category and the phenomenon is called DMOZ listing.

How DMOZ Listing Is Benefit ?

There are many copies or also known as sister directory sites of the main DMOZ site. This means , when somebody submit the website in DMOZ for listing , your site will ( once get approved) get valuable back links from the directory itself but also from those sisters sites. Hence  and so, if you submit your site to the DMOZ directory, you will get a valuable link from the directory itself as well as dozens of additional links from related resources. This means that the DMOZ directory is of great value to the site.

Is It Easy To Get Listed In DMOZ ?

It is not easy to get your site into the DMOZ directory; there is an element of luck involved. Your site may appear in the directory a few minutes after it has been submitted or it may take months to appear.

DMOZ Listing

What Is The Best Process To Submit In DMOZ ?

  1. Submitted your site details correctly
  2. Submit the site in the appropriate category. eg if your site is about Education , then submit it under education category section only and not under entertainment or shopping category.

What Should I Do When Site Don’t Approved?

If it does not appear after a reasonable time then try contacting the editor of your category with a question about your request (the DMOZ site gives you such opportunity). Of course, there are no guarantees, but it may help.

How Costly Is DMOZ Listing ?

DMOZ directory submissions are free of charge for all sites, including commercial ones.

Before ending this important article , I would like to recap the above mention things briefly what one should know regarding DMOZ listing. First is DMOZ listing is very important as it is the world biggest free and quality directory site which gives losts of quality links back to your site.

Read all the requirements, descriptions, etc. to avoid violating the submission rules. Such a violation will most likely result in a refusal to consider your request.

Please remember, presence in the DMOZ directory is desirable, but not obligatory. Do not despair if you fail to get into this directory. It is possible to reach top positions in search results without this directory – many sites do.:)

At the end as I always say, one must hire good SEO Specialist for this because a simple wrong changes can penalize your website from Google and hence one should not take SEO easily.

Hope you all liked this topic and will keep sharing your concern all the times, like how I am getting right now. Thank you so much for the lovely encouraging comments.

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