What is Big Data And Understanding Its Importance?

There has been high buzz around Big Data and every business is running for it. The reason why it has become so important is that it opens the success door for the business and the industry.

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I am lucky , that I too got chance to work with some industries like Sapience , Shout Analytic , Radian 6, Sysomos brands which is based on Big Data Concept.
Let me first define you what exactly the meaning of Big Data and once we understand its actual concept then it will be easier how importance it is still today for any business.

Definition of Big Data: Large volume of unstructured data collected via various sources that include offline. This large volume data can range from GB to TB or even larger than it like Exabyte or petabytes. Hence it is so big that it is termed as “Big Data”

Purpose of Big Data:  Un-structured data can be processed to derive useful information and can be use to improve business or industries growth. Hence this Big Data has since become very useful to every type of industries and organization.

Moreover, since last 3-4 years back, this buzz around Big Data raised and since then every industries and companies started focusing on this. This has now become the base of every business, brands, and company’s growth. This unstructured data is found so useful that it helps business to appropriate and decision in an easier and quicker way.


More about the history behind Big Data , you can find here : Big Data History
During the early days of internet , it was not so easy to get data but with the rise of web, now there has been so much of growth of data everywhere in the internet world, that within a second , one can easily find the information. This also created complexity and difficult to understand , hence industries try to go for the solution to convert this unstructured data to useful information and this gave birth to Big Data Analytic Solution which is otherwise known as Analytics and the person started working on this are known as Data Scientist or Data Analyst or Analytic Specialist.

Usually , Data scientist is the real person who can understand how this Big Data can be captured and how to operated on it. This is done using some analytic tool which works with some language and is similar how Search engines works.

Analytic tools are created with set of rules known as algorithm and this algorithm decide what to capture, how to capture and how to present it in a simpler form that is useful to understand and helps in taking decision.

Currently there are many analytic tools which, industries have started using such as :
•Digital Media
•E-commerce business
•Entertainment Industries

This is what, I tried to explain about Big Data concept and I will keep continuing this blog and explain you in my next blog how Analytic tools works and what kind of data you generally will see from this tool.

Briefly saying, Analytic tool has become must for any industry to know what their competitors are doing and compare to them where is your brand. What your audience is thinking towards your service and what more expectation they have from you and many more ,I will include in my upcoming blog named “Anatomy of Analytic Tool “

Do keep visiting my blog and let me know your feedback and views on the topics you loved and would like to see more stuffs related to it.

Thank you for making time to read this blog. 🙂

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