What Is Social Media Listening And How To Make Strategy ?

Social Media strategy comprises of lots of processes to accomplish win win situation. Social Media Listening is a one of it and needs proper analysis.This is the step where you know where and how much effort you have put towards your social media marketing strategy implementation.

Let me today share you my real time experience about Social Media Listening and how it can help you to drive better ROI for your social media solution.

Let’s start first with the definition and slowly I will take you down to its more sections one by one :

What is Social Media Listening?

Manoj Blogs ZoneWhen you start analyzing, identifying or spending time to look into your social media on going process and able to drive the information what is being said about your products or company or brands is termed as “Social Media Listening” and to understand this you need tools which are called “Social Media Listening Tools “.

Hope you have read my previous article which listed some of the best free social media analytics tools available on the internet and you can use them freely for your social media ROI.

Why You Need It?

  • Without Analyzing Social Media Listening your social media will not reach its target.
  • To know exactly what is happening with your social media promotion.
  • Help in taking better step before your social media promotion gets failed.
  • Social Media Listening helps you to keep yourself ready with an alternative solution.
  • Without this you cannot measure your Social Media ROI.
  • Helps you to know how popular your brand is and where else you are mentioned.
  • More importantly you know what is trending.

How Can I Do Social Media Listening Analysis and make Strategy?

One need to value time and take the hot seat before jumping to any conclusion. It is not one hour nor one day job but you can make it within it, provided you are well experienced with your ongoing promotion. Even simply using tools doesn’t make any great impact if you don’t understand the data ( Big Data ).

More about Big Data read this:

Process to handle it :

  1. Distribute your social marketing strategy into Analysis and  Implementation phases.
  2. Get ready with your possible measurement listening tools that will save your time or else utilize existing analytics provided by the social platforms.
  3. List out your time for every analysis and record it in a spread sheet regularly. – Analysis
  4. Take immediate actions against those practices which are not giving your best results – Implementation.
  5. Create a predictive table about your campaign and share with your team so that they too know where exactly they are and how to fix.

Hope you enjoyed this topic and now very much clear about social media listening and its other parameters. Do share your points and inputs if any and let me know if you want to hear more on this.

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