What Is Keyword Density ?

Keyword Page Density is a measure  which says how many times a particular (Primary/Main) keyword has been used in that particular content.

For example, if a specific word is used 5 times on a page containing 100 words, the keyword density is 5%.

Although there is no such rule for Keyword Density but it is advise to be within 5% or less and not to make the content look like spam links.

What Happens If ?

  1. If the density of a keyword is too low – The search engine will not pay much attention to it.
  2. If the density is too high, the search engine may activate its spam filter. If this happens, the page will be penalized and its position in search listings will be deliberately lowered.

Hence content person should check out this percentage and make sure along with this , main keyword is utilized properly  at the time of  linking.


In the case of keyword phrases, you should calculate the total density of each of the individual keywords comprising the phrases to make sure it is within the specified limits.

Note : In practice, a keyword density of more than 7-8% does not seem to have any negative SEO consequences. However, it is not necessary and can reduce the legibility of the content from a user’s viewpoint.

Every content should follow this before getting live because this is the one which will increase content search exposure and hence also able to increase the visits of linked pages/contents.

Hope you like this simple and important topic and will help you for your content improvement. Let me know what is your view on this topic and do you think now a days Keyword Density don’t matter?

Options are :

A) Yes it matters

B) No, It doesn’t matter

C) May be

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