Video : “How technology can make us more human”

Michelle Killebrew   – 

IBM Digital Transformation | TEDx, Technologist, Marketing Maven (B2B & B2C), Web Analytics User, eCommerce Junkie, Tech Geek & Dog Lover shared her experience how technology can make us more HUMAN. 

Compare to earlier days, now society can easily share their thoughts easily and quickly with each other. Check this very motivational and inspiring video explaining how technology can change us.


Author: Manoj Kumar Sethi

Manoj Kumar Sethi is a professional Digital Marketing Growth expert with 8 Years experience in B2B & B2C. He has strong work experience in developing B2B products, develop marketing strategies and have helped clients developed social media analytics and big data analytics product for IT companies. He loves blogging as it helps him to share the knowledge and solve arising issue.

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