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How To Increase Facebook Organic Reach ?

2014 year saw the biggest updates in Facebook World. This was none other then updates happened in Organic Reach Zone . Facebook News Feed Algorithm got updated and is made more user-friendly with the pass of time.

What was this change and how pages got affected by this change?

Instead of explaining with my words, let me share you it in a story way and how to overcome this change.

                           Defining Organic Reach

Types of Facebook Reach :

  1. Organic Reach : You post content to your Facebook page.One can see a figure just after the post eg: 12 people saw before any likes, comments , shares.This is Organic reach.
  2. Viral Reach : After the post, if there is any kind of interaction such as :like, comment, share, Post is said to be having viral reach.
  3. Paid Reach : Facebook allowed boosting posts. Hence the no. of people it reaches after paying money , it is termed as paid reach.

Before , thinking or planning to enhance or increase Page Organic Reach, it is very important from marketer , analyst perspective to think , why it has effected in your account.

There are .main 7 reasons because of which Facebook is bringing down organic reach of pages and they are as follows :

Reasons Causing Downfall of Organic Reach :

  1. More and more content is being created and shared every day.
  2. News Feed Algorithm changed and has now become more user-friendly – Compare to earlier , it is now understanding human behavior more perfectly and serving accordingly.             ( Pushing Quality Content , Filtering out Spam content)
  3. News Feed gives top priority to posts with high engagement level.
  4. Users liking pages have increased in this last two years, with the rise in Mobile sector. Now users are found maximum % time on mobile devices.
  5. More connections -> more sharings -> more competition
  6. Facebook , like Google , is giving first priority to Paid Posts, followed by Organic posts , hence Organic reach has become low for almost all category.
  7. News Feed has is following human sharing pattern , and is displaying only those contents , which he/she is found to engage.

Is There need to worry ?

No , there is totally no need to worry , as Facebook has not totally banned to display Organic posts.

Normally , an organic post , first time reaches 16-17% people without any engagement level.

As per the new changes in the algorithm, posts which able to generate more engagement from the people, will be able to reach more people, hence the Organic Reach will increase.

How To Increase Organic Reach ?

1) Focusing on User Generated Content (UGC) eg : Generating posts which contain :

  • Curiosity
  • Challenges your fan base and
  • Inspire them .

2) Promote those type of content which is relevant to your industries and your fan base would like to share it. People share only those stuffs which they think, by sharing this , they will become hero in their circle.

More Shares > More People Reach > More Content Visibility > More Organic Reach

3) Timing matters. As a marketer , one should know when their users are active and according to this , they should pitch the content, there by able to reach their fans. Page Insight analysis is very important.

4) Frequency of Post : There should be comparable gap between two post, otherwise the new posts starts declining the previous posts visibility , hence it looses its visibility. This pushes it down the News Feed.

Note : Frequency of posts depends of type of business you are into. If its a news , then there is no time gap.

5) Asking Questions via Image , Poll, Fill In the blanks etc type posts. Such posts helps to give good engagement level.

Check it out what Mari Smith has to say on this :

Sorry for lengthening my article to such but believe me this is one of the important topic , I covered during my work. I would suggest , to work more on Facebook Page insight as well as on Google Analytic , so that you can have a good understanding whats working in your page and whats not working.

If you have any issues on this or facing such problems and wants to over come it, do mail me @

Hope you have liked this topic and would love to know more about it. I will keep explaining more about this big change in my upcoming article.

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