6 Important Reason Why Your Post Is Not Appearing In Facebook News Feed ?

Have you checked your Fan page posts reach on daily basis ? Have you marked , that your fan page posts is loosing its visibility from Facebook News Feed ? Have you ever wonder , why even after following Facebook all guidelines , your posts are not able to reach the 100% reach ? Doesn’t it make you irritating , that you should stop doing all Facebook promotion activities and hence switch to the social networking sites for your marketing or branding or promotion.

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Let me introduce you the info-graphic formula for Improving Facebook News Feed visibility issued by Tech Crunch


How Does Facebook Decide What To Show

But ,here is what every digital media marketing person does mistake and hence divert from the real things , Hence coming to this important point and also would like to share that 2015 Facebook Marketing is going to be the toughest for Facebook Marketing World.

  • Competitor Posts More Engaging Than Yours : Your competitor  posts are more engaging than yours page, hence your page posts are not able to make things and not appearing on top of News Feed.
  • Fans , apart from your page posts , also follow other page posts. Hence , in this , if their posts are found more engaging than yours posts, so posts will loose the visibility.
  • Facebook News Feed Guideline : Facebook News Feed push only those posts which gets more engagement  ( likes, comment , shares ).
  • Friends Circle Engagement : When a user who is in the circle of your friends but he/she is not in your friend, does any engagement activities  on your competitor page posts and it get into the newsfeed of your connected friends, then you will see the posts rather than seeing your own page posts.
  • Timing Matters :  if it matches with our logged-in timing. Normally Facebook News Feed Algorithm , a user normally when logged in , can be able to see 1500 posts at a time and the post with top engagement will be on top of that list.Hence timing posts does matter , to gain 100% visibility.
  • The more , engage you will be with the kind of stuff , the more frequently it will appear for you all the time , you are online and hence , Facebook Algorithm will keep pushing such interesting stuffs to you all the time.
  • Change in News Feed Algorithm : Day by day FB News Feed algorithm is becoming more sensitive and tracking and storing as database about the activities of a users on content , he/she likes or dislikes. Hence it will now only push or show those which he loves to see or daily visits and get engage.

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This is what 2015 Facebook changes is going to rule . Above mentioned points are very simple and must to follow to appear on top of News Feed. Day by day users are found liking more and more pages , which has created a content flood and hence in this heavy , competition , it is very important to follow simple steps mentioned by Facebook Promotion rules and be quality and unique in your presentation.

Hope this topic will help you in your upcoming strategies and will boost your Facebook Marketing Promotion.

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Thanks ! 🙂

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