Easiest Way To Fix Canonical Issue

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , one of the biggest challenge is fixing Canonical Issue. Canonical is otherwise known as duplicates or clone. Its very simple in common language. Suppose you are having a fruit but you are presenting to others differently. So imagine what will happen to the fruit seller , if he/she keep calling all same fruits with different names. Soon , the business will end with zero selling and people starts hating to visit the shop.

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Similarly , in SEO , canonical is very important factor for website. It can damage all your SEO strategy and hence brings down the ranking factors with pass of time.


Is Your Website Original ?

Canonical – guides Search Engine about the website identity. If your website is able to open with different url format such as

  1. http://domainname.com
  2. https://domainname.com
  3. http://www.domainname.com

It is said , your website is running with Canonical Issues and hence need to fix as soon as possible.

Reason to fix Canonical Issue:

  • If  a website opens in more than one http format, than its identity get lost
  • Search Engine consider them as different websites (even though it is same) with same content , hence Google Robot becomes confuse which is the original website to index.
  • Content copyright issues become serious. Hence a website starts getting killed by its own clone.
  • Ranking factors get divided. Website looses its own ranking juice. Hence search ranking falls down.

What to do ?

Make sure , all above url of the same website , re-directed to same website. This way following benefits , website starts getting.

  1. Search Engine see all these urls as same , hence ranking values goes to original website.
  2. Users/Visitors coming to site feel trust on the site and hence their kind of suspicious , gets lost.

This is just the beginning of Canonical Issue , which one of my reader have asked me to share. Hope it has helped you to understand the value of Canonical Issue.

Before going to fix canonical issue, do a deep check of your website with different urls format and see if your website is going to same website or opening with different HTTP:

Let me share you some useful source links which you can use to fix by your own self or help your campaigns:


Yahoo Canonical Forum


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