Reason Why Facebook Page Like Count To Drop Soon

Are you the admin of your business Page ? Are you witnessing drop in Page Likes but still not able to find the solution ? Its not your fault because Facebook is rolling out soon with a mission to slash out all those users or fans or likes from a business page , not found active or engaged with the page for a long time.

Very often , page admin creates fake profiles and generate likes for their page , which they later use for the promotion. After the Organic Reach changes , Facebook News Feed Algorithm has become very sensitive towards what kind of content get or reach to the people.

In many study , it has been stated that almost 30% of accounts in Facebook is Fake and mostly created by business people and marketing people to grow their business via Facebook. This helps in creating fake world and actual users get fooled.

In an article by Techcrunch  :

Which tells ” Facebook department is going to remove likes from profiles that have been manually deactivated and Likes from profiles that could be considered “inactive” because the user just hasn’t logged in for a while will continue to count.

How it will effect ?

1) The shift won’t happen immediately; Facebook says it’ll roll out in “the coming weeks.”

2) If your page only has a few dozen likes, you might not even lose one; if it has a few million, that slight dip will feel a bit bigger

Does this mean , I should not be worried about the fall of Page Likes ?

You should . You cannot sit silence waiting for Facebook to do the miracle nor you should take it as an excuse. There will be other many reason , a page will see drops in Unlikes or Page Likes . They are as follows :

1) Poor Information

2)Not interacting with fans query seriously and not serving right content to the audience

3)Timing missing.

4)Quality of content image is poor and fans got irritated , hence will unlike your page.

5)Page is not able to deliver engaging stories to the fans etc.

So its not time to relax when Facebook is going to cut down your fan page likes because there are other possible ways to keep maintain your users and make them engage even if they don’t or have forgotten you.

Start responding to their queries , comments and run contest because its easy to drive traffic to the page , but its very difficult to make them your fan  and maintain them for a long period of time.

Best part is to keep tracking what your competitors are doing. Generate report based on this and follow it with new strategy plan.

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