Reason Why Every Digital Marketing Specialist Should Possess Technical Knowledge?

Should I possess technical knowledge in my online marketing career or not? Is technical knowledge really matters to my digital marketing career? Similar questions must be striking to your minds and you must be thinking why I have raised this topic. Well let me tell you Technical Knowledge related to website is must for every digital marketing specialist.

There is no doubt you too can become a digital marketer and take it as full full-timer single-handedly but without technical knowledge you cannot proceed ahead because every time you will be facing website issues and most it will be related to fixing:

  • Website re-direction errors
  • Website follow & no follow errors
  • javascript handling 
  • Meta Tags & Meta Description
  • Generating new pages and adding new html codes to make it more appealing
  • How to handling landing pages loading errors
  • Implementing ads or embedding banners or embedding new code from external source to create extra informative on your website.
  • How to tackle website server issue – here too you need to have proper technical understanding
  • Communicating with developers becomes more comfortable and works gets implemented easily if you have already understanding of technical knowledge.
  • Website layout issue
  • Content errors 

How to over this and make yourself more strong in technical knowledge. 

  • Following Tech. Blogs : Read technical blogs from famous internet marketing influencers such as : Avinash Kaushik, Neil Patel, ShoutMeLoud, Kulwant Negi, Jeff Bullas, Mari Smith, Google Blog, Reddit, Moz, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Social Media Examiner and there are may more such famous blogs from where you will learn new technical tips.
  • Joining Tech Forums: Become part of technical forums and keep asking questions to the members. 
  • Attending Blog Events: Try to find events happening around your place and try to attend it and be a part of such events. With this you will not only come to know new trending topics but also you will learn new experience when meeting new bloggers.
  • Implement Self: Think of new ideas that you want to see on your blog and find out the ways by diving it into multiple packets. For example if you want to create banner strip inside your blog content then divide it into : 1) How to create banner strip html code 2) What to add in the banner 3) How to hyperlink it with my new link 4) How to add inside banner code inside blog content 

Once you get an idea, completing this task becomes easy and hence your confident level rises easily.

Let us see a very beautiful and informative video by one of my favorite Digital Marketing Expert & Analytic Guru Avinash Kaushik 

Hope you enjoyed this topic and will surely take technical as part of your Digital Marketing work. I would like to end this topic with a very motivated quote by Analytic Guru: "Digital Marketing is all about art of handling data. The best thing is a how well you can manage your experience with your creativity. Always try things and optimize things and show you are God gifted humanity."

Do share your opinion and let me know what you think more on this. You can write to me or or also you can join my online coaching.

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Manoj Kumar Sethi

Manoj Kumar Sethi is a professional Digital Marketing Growth expert with 8 Years experience in B2B & B2C. He has strong work experience in developing B2B products, develop marketing strategies and have helped clients developed social media analytics and big data analytics product for IT companies. He loves blogging as it helps him to share the knowledge and solve arising issue.

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