Reason Why Indian Colleges Don’t Teach Digital Marketing Courses ?

Digital Marketing is one of the product of Internet and with the pass of time, it has become popular and essential. Without its help, one cannot think of expanding business. With the rise of social platforms such as Faceboo, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest etc, Digital Marketing field even got more importance.

It is assumed, if you know internet than you don't need to learn Digital Marketing. Well its very unfortunate that most of knowledgeable people have created such stupid assumption and everyone has made such mindset that if you can switch on internet, you know digital marketing field. Students coming out of management programmes are not aware of Digital Marketing programmes and its importance.

Similarly technical students passing out mostly go either for software development jobs or testing jobs, designing jobs but hardly show interest towards digital marketing jobs, as they are not aware about it nor they feel confidence to choose it.

 Reason Why Indian Colleges Don't Offer Digital Marketing Course :

  1. Proffesors, hired are not well trained for Digial Marketing field, hence not able to teach it.
  2. 100% Colleges offering management, marketing or designing programmes, are not well equipped with right technology. Due to this, students studying not get aware about Digital Marketing field easily.
  3. Management consider Digital Marketing field as a common internet work. Lack of interest towards this programmes create zero buzz about the programmes, and hence students failed to find this programme beneficial.
  4. Digital Marketing keep changes fast and to keep with this changes, its not possible for managment nor for students to pursue this course. One need to keep updated all the time and it is the only field which gets changes fast.
  5. Understanding Digital Marketing field comes with analytic tools knowledge, designing concept which is not possible for professions to teach unless they are from Digital Marketing field.
  6. Digial Marketing programmes includes sub-programmes such as SEO, Social Media Optimization, PPC, Designing website, Content Marketing, Banner Designing, Affiliation which is not possible for college to provide and same professor cannot provide this course.
  7. Colleges are not ready to tie up with Digital Marketing Agencies to provide digital marketin programme to their students because of the duration and cost.

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Above reasons doesnt end here, there are infact many reasons which is reason why colleges not providing digital marketing courses to the students, pursuing marketing courses, management courses or other professional programmes.

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Manoj Kumar Sethi

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