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What Is Redirect In SEO ?

Hi Friends, Today’s topic is all about re-direct  which is one of the important task in SEO industry and every specialist has to tackle it. Let us first start with the definition : Definition of  Re-direct :  ” When one url takes you to another url , its called redirection and the phenomenon is termed

Who Makes More Money In SEO ?

This is really interesting survey carried out by BrightLocal named as Fourth Local SEO Survey where it is highlighted " who is gaining more who is gaining less when its SEO department. Isn't interesting thing ? As per SearchEngineLand updates which says : "From the 1,972 respondents, there was a largely positive outlook, with 78 percent

Learning White Hat SEO From Matt Cutt

What is White-Hat SEO ? Definition : as per search engine world , In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, white hat SEO refers to the usage of optimization strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a human audience opposed to search engines and completely follows search engine rules and policies. Here is a video which tells

A Complete SEO Dictionary

While reviewing some of digital marketing sites, I came across SEO Dictionary where every small definition has been mentioned beautifully. This will be very useful for all those who wanted to learn the bit-tit of SEO and wanted to keep updated with every small definition. I always keep following such small-small tips definition and never

5 Main SEO Factors In 2015

5 main SEO factors listed out by Digital World for 2015 Year. Source –

Be Careful About These 20 SEO Myths

Earlier days when the internet just started its small steps in this world, Webmaster used to carry out whole tasks related to website. Soon after with the expansion of Internet world and with the birth of Search Engine , there came Search Engine Marketing which not only increased Webmaster works but also make them to

How Google+ Increases SEO Ranking ?

Every SEO and Webmaster tries out all possible efforts of the site and on the site in order to increase the ranking mark of their site. But there is some other platform which effect website ranking. Google brought out its own social networking site Google+ to make this happen. Although Facebook is said to be

How To Write SEO Friendly Article ?

This is one of my best section which I always take care while putting any content in the site. As the admin of the website, content writer of the website, one should also follow and take care of this important part, whether the content is following SEO guidelines of not. Search Engine has their own

Digital Marketing Skills Most In-Demand By Employers in 2019

Digital Marketing Skills That Are Most In-Demand By Employers in 2019

2019 is going to be very different and highly challenging for Digital Marketing professional and will be highly competitive. Hence companies are looking out for best digital marketing skills who can add more power to their digital presence and increase their business growth.

Keyword Position Checking Tools

Top Keyword Position Checker Tools For Improving Website Ranking

Keyword Position Checker Tool helps to view your website ranking position for your keyword on Yahoo or Google. You can also know which keywords are good for your website, or check if there’s more to be done. Let me tell you once again website optimization is a process to improve website performance and hence requires

How to learn digital marketing without joining academy

How To Learn Digital Marketing Without Joining Any Academy ?