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5 Useful Tips To Improve Client Satisfaction

For any business , achieving client target is one of the first and important task. Before starting , it is very important to understand the below important points , as they are very useful and helps to clearly able to figure out what exactly client is looking from us . 5 Useful Tips To Improve

How To Get 5 Star Rating For Facebook Page ?

Long before, Facebook introduced 5 star rating for business/brand pages. Idea was to bring more popularity for the pages. Users visiting will get a message of how popular is this page and start viewing it that way. This 5 star rating also decide and creates a kind of thinking inside the mind of the users

Reddit Guide For Beginners

Reddit recently released a beginner guide for understanding what is Reddit and how you can make your thing to appear on top. Here you will get the detailed information how to Reddit your information. Reddit is the biggest and most popular social bookmarking site and it  contain stories that make you think, laugh, cry, talk

What is Big Data And Understanding Its Importance?

There has been high buzz around Big Data and every business is running for it. The reason why it has become so important is that it opens the success door for the business and the industry. I am lucky , that I too got chance to work with some industries like Sapience , Shout Analytic

Best Social Media Platform For Business : Follow These Simple Guideline

Social Media platforms have become the most important platform for any business. Therefore, choosing best social media platform task is also very important. These social media platforms provide add-on value in getting the huge audience which, you are looking for. Hence it is advisable to make your business visible on these social media platforms. If

What Is Search Engine & How It Works On Websites?

Definition : Search Engine is a software programmed program designed to crawl websites , index the crawled information into its database based on quality and uniqueness and produce results in the form of list of websites that matches your typed queries( keywords). Eg: Google, Yahoo, Bing Other Name of Search Engine : Crawlers, Search Bots,

Seth Godi : Ideas Won’t Work Unless You Implement It

Seth Godin ,this video will disclose the real fact why Humans do back in Life even going with new ideas. We human has a small brain which Seth named it as “Small Lizard”. It always look out for comfort zone and dont want to get into trouble. You might have big dream , you knew

Why To Choose Digital Media Marketing As Career ?

It was during the time of Internet, when it changed the concept of sharing information with each other. Now it was easier to get and share things more easily unlike earlier, where one has to depend on telecommunication. Before coming to the conclusion that why Digital Media can be chosen as one of career and

What Is PCF or Prospective Client Finding ?

PCF : This is the first term , I learned when I started my career as Internet Specialist in the Digital World. It is main reason for any business and if digital media marketer failed to figure out it appropriately, then you will run with loss. Let me first explain you exactly what does it

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

SEO otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, is a process to increase the visibility of a website in the  Search Engines likes Google, Bing, Yahoo etc via organic process.Yes , Search Engine Optimization is a Organic Process.