How To Improve Facebook Organic Promotion In 2015


Facebook Organic once again got hit by Facebook Algorithm and hence now in the coming days , pages are going to pay for it. Organic Posts , in the coming days as per Facebook Study 2015  which says;

As we’ve said before, News Feed is already a competitive place — as more people and Pages are posting content, competition to appear in News Feed has increased. All of this means that Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.”

Which means , organic posts running with promotional stuffs won’t able to create magic via organic way , hence business and digital marketer must approach Ads campaign only.

So , after scanning all these  , I came to a conclusions and thought to share with all of you, since Faceobok will always monitors above things and hence won’t help posts to gain much results. So what is next , should one stop Organic promotions? Should one go for Ads ?

Answer is No

2015 Facebook Predictions

Below are the main topics , which I recommends my digital media marketing friends to go for it and hence apply in your respective fan pages.

Now the main concern to all marketers will be as follows :

  1. Increasing clicks on links
  2. Increasing Reach
  3. Increasing Likes

Increasing clicks on links :

You are doing story promotion but , you saw drop in visits via Facebook promotion .

Hence , the best solution is , maintain balance between Image Post and Link Post.  There are reasons for users are not clicking your story link such as :

  1. Your posts headline is giving all information , hence users ,there itself decide what to do next . Hence need to generate curiosity via headline.
  2. You posts is boring – or late or not interesting to the audiences , for which they are connected with you.
  3. Link Url is getting  hidden after the Post headline. Hence , make sure , post headline is short and catchy.
  4. Participate in discussion in joined group . This will make you popular unique and fresh.Also it will make you popular in that group.

Facebook have issued guidelines for postings :  Page publishing tips and best practices.

Increasing Reach :

Reach is one of the biggest factor , which decide , how popular you and your stories are. The more no. of people starts seeing , the more visitors starts visiting your content , hence chances of posts clicks increases.

Apart from posting in page, one should always try to increase post reach level outside of page. For this , its very easy and simple – Use the published post link and just like content link url , do publish where you want to promote – whether its personal timeline or groups. This way , users impressions on the post will increases. Hence Click through rates on the posts will increases.

Keep tagging page in posts( make sure you are tagging right pages and verified )
Every morning , check what stories are trending in Facebook (check the screen shot) , and how you can make use of them.
Don’t forget to include #hashtags

Increasing  Page Likes :

New tip- Visit other pages (big no. and audience) and start engaging there. This will create visibility of the page and hence , audience interacting in those pages, will see your brand and hence of new likes increases.


These are some important few tips to maintain your Facebook marketing and must to follow on regular basis. At last but not least, I would suggest you to please do keep analyzing Page Insight because without analyzing and going promotion is not good.

Keep sharing and thank you for taking time to read this topic. Hope you liked it 😉 if not and still running with lots of questions , do drop your mail @ or just call me @ +91 9742236165

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