How To Write SEO Friendly Article ?

This is one of my best section which I always take care while putting any content in the site. As the admin of the website, content writer of the website, one should also follow and take care of this important part, whether the content is following SEO guidelines of not.

Search Engine has their own set of rules, which every site need to follow. This is called Search Engine Content Guideline.

Factors that decide whether the content is SEO friendly or not?

  1. A headline should be tried to keep within 60 characters. Search Engine as per the research, found to display only within 512 pixels display which is about 50-60 characters. Hence make sure your headline is within this range so that it will display completely.
  2. Content should be original – not copied and pasted from some other sources.
  3. Content Headline should have the Primary Keyword for which it has been written. This headline section plays the key role in increasing the visibility of the whole content.
  4. Content should content right keyword along with the primary keyword and should be related to the topic.
  5. It should follow Keyword Density – % of keywords should be 3-4 for a content and hence should avoid from putting more no. of keywords as it will make the content more like spamming. Search Engine doesn't like such type of content and never allow such content to appear in search results.
  6. Content length should be within 350-450 and should not be too short nor too lengthy.

In the world of Internet, there are always high-level competition and it is very difficult to beat competitors, especially if the competitors are old and ruling internet world before your arrival.

Reason or Benefits  to have SEO friendly article:

  • SEO proofed content easily and quickly appear in Search Engine Result Page (SERP)
  • Users searching content related to your topic will easily get your content.
  • Search Engine gives more priority to SEO friendly article or content rather than general content.
  • Helps to improve right audience for which content is written or served.

What things are necessary to get before writing content?

"Content is King " hence it's not an easy task to write what comes to mind and serve your audience. It is the way through which you and your business will be serving a message to the visitors. Content is the only media through which you will be selling your services or products, hence it should be well written with right research which requires the below important things to follow:

  1. Reason to write such content
  2. Research, what others have written, this is called competitor analysis. This is one of the important section of content marketing.
  3. What kind of things, my users will be looking for the content?
  4. What should be the keyword , hence need keyword research- This includes main keyword with parameters like High Volume & Less Competition. There are lots of tools, that can help you finding best keyword for your content

Keyword Research & Analysis Tools:

Hope this article might have cleared your writing style and will help you to improve your future content marketing strategy. This is the simple and practical oriented tips for any SEO content. Hence follow the above mentioned tips and guidelines before publishing content.

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