How To Increase Search Engine Crawler Visits On Website?

Search Engine is designed for the purpose of providing information to the users , what they search. This search is done by users using keywords i.e. collection of words , related to a topic.

Every search engine is having their own robots or also known as crawler or Search Engine Crawler . The main purpose behind designing them is to :

  • Visit published websites
  • Collects their general data and save it for search result.
  • Help Search Query box to produced or display perfect results based on this gathered data.

We never thought of what exactly this search engine does and why it is very important for every digital marketing specialist. Hence just go through this complete and detailed info-graphic about How Google Crawl Website and Indexes pages.

Via Source : Neil Patel(Quick Sprout)

Complete Info-Graphic How Google Crawl Website

This is one of the building block of Digital Marketing and hence every one who have just started learning Digital Marketing is must to understand..

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