How To Increase Facebook Traffic From Groups ?

Facebook Group promotion is found to give more traffic than fan page. Group promotion not only helps to target right audience but also helps to give quality traffic to the website, if done properly.

In a recent study done from all the brands promotions, the brand who put more efforts on Group promotion , is said to gain more traffics from Facebook during that interval of time.

Hence , Facebook Group promotion is must for Facebook marketing campaign and should not be avoided. It is one of the biggest area where , marketer can generate more traffics without any paid postings.

Group Rules & Regulations

Simply posting in Fan page will not give the result what you are expecting from the page, rather , one need to take these content from page to different circle where already members are talking on different topics. This is called Groups or forums , where people are found talking every time.

Lets Find Out What Will Happen If We Join Facebook Groups( Targeted group for your business )

  1. One of the biggest reasons to join Facebook groups is the visibility and networking they offer.
  2. Once you have joined a group , you will start getting notifications about new posts, which tends to keep the discussions going. (However, people can turn these notifications off if they want to.). Hence members of the group get strong alert of the posts ,which make members to visit and see the posted posts or stories. This creates CTR of the stories promoted.
  3. From the group analysis , it has been found , group members see the group discussion posts more than they see page posts. Hence , it created more chances for clicks. Therefore , your promoted posts in group gets more clicks compare to Fan page posts.
  4. The most engaged posts will be always in the top of the Group status. Hence , members entering to the group any time , will see the top most engaged post , and thereby  increases the click-through-rate (CTR) for the promoted post.

Group Discussion

What activities will not help to increase Facebook Traffic from groups ?

  1. Joined group just for fun
  2. Not  interacting with the existing members.
  3. Joined group for only posting
  4. Not following Group rules and regulation.This is one of the main important things , one need to follow before becoming active members of the joined group.
  5. Using bad words in others posts and hurting their posts.

How To Become Active & Popular Member of the Group ?

  1. Participate regularly in joined group discussion
  2. Interact with members in their promoted posts. This creates a bonding within the members , and hence creates good chances , they too will interact in your promoted stories or poll
  3. Download the Facebook groups app on your phone so you can easily browse your groups when you’re out and about.This will make you always in touch with the groups, and hence members also see you as a responsible member. Hence your Identity will get popular.
  4. Creating poll , you can generate good discussion and hence this can be used for creating stories for your business.
  5. During discussion in the group , tag members with whom you are very familiar , this will give them notification and hence increases more talking level.

Group Engagement

Follow these simple but must tips while promoting in Groups. This not only applicable for Facebook Groups but also applicable in forums, communities (Google plus). If properly followed, it is guaranteed 100% that your traffic via social network like Facebook will increase by > 30%  within a month. This is one the secret , which digital media marketing agencies and marketer hides from the client and follow.

Hence start following it on regular basis and keep sharing your lovely comments and keep encouraging for more such important topics.

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