Hashtags Helps To Drive Right Audience

Every social platform such as Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Youtube etc and  it also has become a trend to use while promoting your stories. Facebook rolled out Hashtags feature somewhere near June 2013 and brought a new changes in News feed with a thinking , now every one will see what they are looking for.

Twitter has already this option and so Google plus. Now before going to use Hashtags , one should first understand what is the purpose of these Hashtags and why it has become part of promotion.Let me explain you with a simple way so that it will be easy for you to understand it ;

What are Hashtags ?

Hashtags are defined as collection of 1,2 or 3 words followed with for example – #socialmediamarketing (3 words), #socialmediamarketingtips(4 words)

They are  clickable texts

How Hashtags are Benefits ?

  1. Hashtags are other than keywords , which define a particular thing and helps to know what kind of content or stuff is associated with it , without any need to go through the whole stuff. Hence Hashtags segregate content from the list or we can say it is the best way to filter out content, video, pictures , audios from rest.
  2. Users now no need to spend time to go through whole content , but what he/she can do is to just click his/her interest Hashtags , and within a minute , he/she will get all contents using that hashtags. Hence it is easier to make content to reach right audience.

For example , if your story or post is about Fashion, using trending Fashion Trending Hashtags is benefits so that users looking out for Fashion related content will see your post, provided your post has become popular in all. Similarly, if your content is all about digital marketing and that also for a particular platform , than one must be choosy to have right hashtags as this will help to reach right audience, instead it will reach to a list of Global audience and will be very difficult to get good result.

3. Using Hashtags properly can increase brands engagement level by 50 percent. http://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-networks/2015-04-22/hashing-out-almighty-hashtag-infographic

Hence different social platform provides different way to use Hashtags i.e. in some social site it recommend to use one 1 or 2 hashtags while in some other social site is free to use.

Follow Trending Topics For Your Content : 

Different social platform have their own trending section , where they provide list of Hashtags/topic name trending more during that period across the world. Targeting stories based on this , will give extra visibility to the content.

Check out screen shot of trending Hashtags/Topics , some platform is providing –

Twitter Trending ;


Googleplus Trending Hashtags ;








Facebook Trending Topics ;



Interesting Facts About Hashtags ;

  • Every Hashtags has its own Unique URL which means , if clicking a particular hashtag , it will lead one to news feed of content , having that particular hashtag.
  • Hashtags don’t work in Mobile but it doesnot mean one should not use Hashtags for mobile version. Hashtags work in desktops , done from mobile.
  • The more clear and readable is your hashtags , the more useful and powerful for driving interaction level for the promoted content.
  • Using more than 2 Hashtags in Twitter can bring down the interaction
  • Tweet with hashtags get 2 times interaction level than tweets without hashtags.
  • The more Hashtags , there is downfall in interaction level

Helpful source links ;


Follow Below Important Steps While Choosing Hashtag ;
  • It should be Short and readable
  • Never use any punctuation mark or space between two words of a hashtag.
  • Go for unique and competition free Hashtags rather than going for a general hashtag. This will help content to reach right audience, hence engagement will be quality type
  • Chosen hashtag should be promoted across all channels to create buzz, as it will help , reaching more audience.

Hope this article able to clear your confusion whether to use  Hashtag for campaign or not.

There is lots of talk on Hashtags and going with one report is not good at all. Personally , telling, always try every possibilities before some decide and Digital Marketing is all about Hit and trial method. Sometimes it success while sometimes it fails, but this is not the sign of an Optimistic Digital Marketer.

If you need any kind of support for Hastags or wants to share your experience on this which you think , I should include in this article, you are most welcome.

Keep sharing your views and opinion as it gives me more idea to come up with more topics with real time solution. Keep visiting my blog www.manojblogszone.com

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