Manoj Kumar Sethi

Manoj Kumar Sethi is a professional Digital Marketing Growth expert with 8 Years experience in B2B & B2C. He has strong work experience in developing B2B products, develop marketing strategies and have helped clients developed social media analytics and big data analytics product for IT companies. He loves blogging as it helps him to share the knowledge and solve arising issue.

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2 Responses

  1. Francisco says:

    Thank you very much for this post.
    I have been struggling with AdSense since I signed up.
    Now I know I applied before having enough content.
    However, I think I do now.

    I have several blogs, but the one with the most content is a “funny” blog that has enough traffic. I am just waiting for adSense to pay for a domain.

    A couple of questions. The content is mine. However I always use a picture I find in google for every story. Is that a problem?
    the other question I have is: My Adsense account have been on hold almost 4 months now. And I dont receive any answer from them.
    What would you recommend?

    This is my blog. I was in blogger before but I fell wordpress looks better.

    • Hi Francisco,
      Am really sorry for not able to connect you on the first day due to website transformation and database issue. I hope you have got your adsense account approved if am not wrong but if you still facing issue in getting your adsense, I would recommend you not to apply continuously because it will create a bad signal for your account as well for your website to get listed into Google adsense list.
      So just wait for couple of days more and wait for the response.
      You can try connecting to Adsense help centre and put your question to them and you will get reply from the team.
      Remember Google approves adsense account only for dedicate domain i.e it should be complete domain purchased.
      In case of any further assistance you can comment me down and I will take your query and will help you in fixing.

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