Easiest Way To Generate Clicks on Links ?

Generating clicks rate on content links is one of the biggest job in digital marketing field. You content is ready, image is ready, banner is ready and you are now ready what to do with this content and where to post this content.

You know you audience is there…but wait ..you have missed one important things which is responsible to down your click-through-rates. What is that ? How can I find it and how I can save my strategy getting failed ?

Well these are very small but if followed dedicatedly, it can enhance your content click-through-rate with the pass of time.

I have classified them based on below two factors :

  1. Relevancy : Does your content completely matches your audience requirement ? Check if your content is perfectly matching with your audience expectation i.e. are they able to consume it, if shared ?
  2. Curiosity : Is your content has curiosity factor which is one of the main element of making content more consumable. People like to get engage with only those content which consist of curiosity factor and which they have never seen before.


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Once you have these two factor in your content, you are now ready to go for a win-win case 🙂 Now the question is how can I use them and target in  a better way once I have clear understanding of these two factors ?

Below are the ways if one starts following, it helps you in improving your Click-Through-Rate ( CTR) rate more than 20% ! yes by 20%

These are as follows :

  • Never crowd your either website or social pages with too many link posts rather maintain a balance between image posts and link posts. This removes the spamming concept in your content and audience approach towards such content increases more compare to too many link posts.
  • Title should be catchy : Doesn’t matter how well, you have written your content, but if you title is not able to clearly define what exactly it is and how important it is, then whole content gets failed and hence your mission to generate more clicks goes flop or failed.
  • Share content in a way , people surrounded your don’t considered it as marketing/promotion/just to generate clicks. They should feel the importance of the content, shared with them. For example if you have a content related to food ( which covers important points on constipation) and you are part of a Food group, then you can engage whole members either through question, poll, or creating awareness title which they should know.
  • Generate content based on trending topic but differently from rest. For example if there is going to be Mothers Day special, one can expect mostly content will be like ” Mothers Day Special : What you need to know ?”, ” Celebrating Mothers Day Special “, “Check out this awesome video on Mothers Day” Hence choose your best and unique title which no-one has covered and still you are carrying the story.
  • Success of content depends on many factors such as Title, Content length, Images, Uniqueness, Keywords chosen, Effective Social Promotion
  • Inter-linking of relevant content through right target keyword. If the content admin can able to link more stories ( based on Google Content link guideline) through right keyword, it generate more chances of getting more clicks from single content. This helps in highlighting one content from another, hence content visibility increases from one content to another.

Now what I have mentioned above is the general aspect of generating clicks on your content mixing every platform :

Here I am going to categorize the above more detail way presenting the platforms such as :

  • Website
  • Social Sites
  • Mobile & Tablets
  1. Website : Include the above all points following SEO guidelines. SEO is the only way to present your content successfully in website. One should follow all the guidelines provided by Google starting from website design to content publishing.
  2. Social Sites : I know this is biggest one and also most important platform which not only helps in branding your channel via content but also drives new users to your website. Social Media Optimization is must. Different social sites have different format to run the content successfully. For example Facebook gives one opportunity for images, link posts, content, video while Twitter is best know for headlines. Here doesn’t matter if its video, image, status.. here title matters..
  3. When you are done with content, you should not forget to test via mobiles & tablets. Mobile device users are increasing and present content as per the device is also very important when thinking of click-through-rate.

So these are the ways through which you can always think of generating more traffic i.e. clicks on your content.Hope you like this article and would certainly share your opinion.

Thanks for reading my article. Do keep visiting my website. Don’t forget to share via social sharing buttons.

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