Develop Your Own Digital Marketing Strategy With These 5 Points

For any success or failure, the most important reason behind is the strategy, one has developed and followed. Now matter what is the result, if you strategy is not clear, its not going to work anything. In this blog, I am going to share some important areas which you can include in your Digital Marketing Strategy and follow it with proper data analysis.

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Here I will also going to share some pictures that will help you to connect each sections while building the strategy for your campaign.

There is saying : “Success or Failure of your work depends totally on your strategy generated. Hence you need to have concrete strategy build up.”

Recently I got a chance to meet a team who is doing excellent job but there working flow is somewhere missing which led the entire team to failed in their execution. 

How To Improve Your Digital Marketing Skills ?

Let me share you interesting thing about strategy.

What is Strategy ? 

“Strategy is defined as a process which is executed to achieve your goal.”

For example : Strategy to get come 1st in class, strategy to top in ranking, strategy to become famous, strategy to generate new users, strategy to get more traffic etc. 

Here : Goal = to get xyz so you must set your path(s) in a way, you can easily reach to your goal.This phenomenon is called strategy. 

Similarly we define a process or set of activities to achieve our goal(s). 

Let me show you DFD : Data Flow Diagram, which used to flow during our computer science study.





Above diagram shows Strategy follows your goal and hence its the main gate which decide :

What to do ? and How to do ?

When one see above structure it is completely clear that you strategy is dependent on many sub-factors such as :

  • Concepts/Ideas to execute your strategy
  • List of resources requires ( don’t forget you are also part of resource )
  • ROI measurement via available platforms such as Google Analytics etc.
  • Time Management 

Social Media Strategy Session (4)Strategy : Like how you aim your arrow into right direction similarly clear strategy is right arrow for achieving your goal. digital strategyAs I said in the begining, your strategy totally depends on your beautiful concepts/ideas which defines set of activities to achieve your target.Therefore list out concepts which can help your achive your goal. Remember 1 goal can be achieve by single concept or more than 1 concept. So choose best one which helps you to achieve your goal effectively with minimum efforts. 

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www.manojblogszone.comwww.manojblogszone.comYou should be able to measure your ROI ( Return on Investments ). One should know where and how to measure ROI. This should be fixed at the earliest right from the beginning of strategy.

www.manojblogszone.comMost important factor in the list. Remember your strategy life depends on time span you have provided it. The more good time you can provide to your strategy, best results you are going to get. Hence never generate any kind of strategy instantly without any strong research. Its like working for failure.

Same strategy cannot be applied on different goals. Each goal is different from each other, hence their strategy too. 

Take your complete time to create good strategy and follow it with your best effort. I always believe in doing unique and different strategy for any task, assigned.

Never get afraid of failing and live with a fear that your strategy is common, weak, people will laugh.. friend don’t bother about these foolish thinking as by this, you are killing your confident level. Start your own strategy and name it as Strategy 1 , Strategy 2 , Strategy 3 etc… failing is part of every work but stopping yourself with this fear is not accepted.

Hope you liked it and will help you in your task. Do share me your opinion down the comments or do mail me @

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Manoj Kumar Sethi

Manoj Kumar Sethi has been into Digital Media industry for more than 12 years and has handled and helped clients from B2B & B2C industry.He is proficient in Digital Media skills mostly into digital product development and growth. He has also depth knowledge in Analytics. In free time, he research on new development happening in digital world.He loves blogging as it helps him to share the knowledge and solve problems.