Blogger Interview : Meet Kulwant Nagi

How to earn money by blogging is the biggest question which every blogger start asking not only to others but also keep rolling with this every time when its about blogging.

This is really important to understand why you need to know about blogging and how you can use your blogging skill in generating benefits more and more. This experience not only helps you to experience in understanding the scenario of products on the line of selling but also one get the experience of understanding user behaviour against the product.

If you are in Blogging then you must have heard about Kulwant Nagi from Bloggingcage. He is a guy who inspires me a lot when it comes to motivation. Yes he had gone through bad times. Frustrated in job, planning to study in US but family didn’t have money to send him to US.

He is one of big influencer in blogging world and has motivated youths with his intense and simple solution how to brand and convert the visitors into your sales zone.

This interview says lots of new ideas about blogging and including the best points is what Manoj Blogs Zone does.

Thanks Jitendra Vaswani for covering this interview.

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Manoj Kumar Sethi

Manoj Kumar Sethi is a professional Digital Marketing Growth expert with 8 Years experience in B2B & B2C. He has strong work experience in developing B2B products, develop marketing strategies and have helped clients developed social media analytics and big data analytics product for IT companies. He loves blogging as it helps him to share the knowledge and solve arising issue.

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